Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your charms aren't so lucky, Carly.

Whaaaa?!? I'm actually not surprised at all. Between the two Davids, they've got all the screaming teenage girls of America behind them; Brooke's got all the singer/songwriters & lyric-forgetters behind her; Jason Castro's got all the potheads behind him; & Syesha's got...anyone?...anyone?...we don't really know.
I didn't blog about all the songs, simply because all week I've been fighting what might possibly be the worst sinus headache in the history of history. Beat that.
I did love Leona Lewis last night. She's so pretty & did really sound a-ma-zing. I love that song, although "bleeding love"? Come on. Can't we try to get a better lyric than that?
So now we're down to 5. I'm ready for Brooke to be the next to go. Please don't let it be David Cookie.
I'm signing off for now, but I have to give a shout-out to my friend, Jana, for running the half marathon on Saturday. If you haven't yet hopped on to her blog which is on my sidebar, you can read about her family here. Good luck'll do great.
until next time.


Michael and Jana said...

You are such a dear. Thanks for the shout out. Next Saturday I will be sitting on my couch drinking coffee right along with you. I can't wait!

Shanna said...

Rhondi!! Hello... such a long time. Your boys are perfect!! What handsome little guys you have. Congratulations!! I was going through some old photos and decided to look up old friends and came across your awesome blog. It looks like you are having such fun with the boys and I am all caught up on your American Idol thoughts....ha ha. Super cute! I'm truly thrilled to see how well you are doing and I will be praying for God to watch over those little ones. :-) Keep in touch if you find time. Xoxo Shanna Viola (Smith)

Anonymous said...

sister, you rock! i love your blog. i have sent your amazing american idol entries to my friends. i think you should write for entertainment tonight or e on-line or something. love you. we'll talk to ya. p.s. love the pics of linc and the cars.