Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Did somebody order a White Trash straight-up? Oh yeah, we did.

Did everybody have a good July 4th? We sure did. We had Ben's sister, Tara, & her family in town for the weekend. For the festivities, we had a neighborhood bike parade for the kids, pool time, yummy food, & of course, fireworks at the end of the night. The first half of this post are pictures from the parade. The second half is what we like to call our "White Trash Tennessee 4th". You got a little preview of this frenzy in the above picture. Sexy, isn't it. I'll warn you before those pictures come across your screen. A warning is the least of what you'll need after you see those photos. Be thinking hard liquor.
Let's skedaddle:

Levi in the race car, about to enter the parade.

All the kids at the starting line of the parade. Lincoln on his scooter, Clara & Wyatt in the orange off-roader, & Levi in the race car.

Mom & Levi:

Here's Aunt Tara, Uncle Cliff, Wyatt & Clara:

Here we are, having our July 4th Dinner. Brisket, baked beans, & coleslaw. Yum! Then for dessert, cupcakes & pie. Love it.

Here's Ben's invention of filling up water balloons. This little contraption allows 6 people to blow up water balloons at the same time. Genius, I tell you. Genius!

Here's sweet Levi getting in on the water balloon action. This was before all the shirts were taken off.

Here's Ben getting Wyatt over the head. Yesss. Action shot.

Can you really get any more All-American than this? I don't think so. (see Nascar race car in the background)

What you are about to see is not pretty. I'm not gonna lie to you all. This means that the following pictures will be totally redneck, shirts will be off, bellies will be bared, fireworks will be thrown, & all that's missing are a few Nat Lite cans strewn about our front yard.

Here's Mr. White Trash himself. Why is he outside without a shirt on, while lighting fireworks? Your guess is as good as mine. He was also talking in a backwoods-country accent the entire night. Hot.

Here's Cliff. He had a shirt on, until he realized that he was the only male in the group that was wearing one.

Annnnd, the shirt comes off.

Notice the boxers sticking up out of the shorts. I can't decide if this is funny or just plain obnoxious. Discuss.

So there it is, our July 4th Celebration with our family. As you can see, we had such a great time, we laughed HARD much of the time, & enjoyed every minute. It was hilarious, joyful, & full of celebration.
More next time,

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