Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Whew, it was a very busy past week & weekend for our family! We had Levi's Trunk or Treat at preschool, Ben's parents came in town (yay!!!) and then Halloween. We had such a great time, & I managed to get some amazing pictures of the family. Mike & Sherry were so great to come here & be with us over Halloween & to help us hand out candy to the kids, while Ben & I took the boys trick or treating. We had our annual neighborhood block party in the afternoon, our friends the Schnecks came over to our house & joined in the festivities, & then we all went trick or treating. So fun!

Levi getting ready to wear his costume to school for his Trunk or Treat Party. He had the best time this day.

He thought he could fly:

Ben walking Levi into school:

Here's Levi coming out of the classroom with his classmates in the afternoon for the Trunk or Treat!


One of the trunks displayed:

Checking out his loot:

The whole class:

Here he is concentrating so hard on looking at MeMaw's pictures that she had just taken of them in their costumes. So focused!

Introducing....HEATBLAST! (for those of you who do not have boys, Heatblast is a character from the popular TV show "Ben10")

Batman & Mommy:

Family Halloween photo:

Here the kids are at our neighborhood block party. We grilled out, looked at all the cute costumes, & got ready to go trick or treating.

And here's Lincoln eating with some of the neighborhood kids:

And here's Lincoln holding baby Claire, looking so proud to have that job all to himself!

Here's some shots of trick-or-treating. Lincoln, Levi, & Liam are all dispersed throughout these next few:

And last, but certainly not the least, I just couldn't resist taking this great picture of Levi & Ben, trick or treating together. I just love this one:

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, just like we did!

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