Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Lincoln's first day of Pre-K at Walker Memorial.  He's now going 4 days a week & he couldn't be more excited.  He woke up this morning all ready to go.  
We took pictures before we left, out on the porch, walking in, & settling into the classroom. Here are a few:

Here he is showing off his Bumblebee Backpack.  He is very proud of this:

And here is his paper airplane that Ben made for him this morning.  He thought it was the coolest.

Dad & the boys.  Look at Ben's bedhead.  Ha.

Walking into school.  This is the 4th year he's gone to Walker!

Even sweet Levi had to take part in all the classroom action:

Lincoln looking at his classroom & at all the toys:

And here he is giving his BFF Emmachelle a morning hug:

So here's hoping that his day went well.  Yay for school!


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Texas Trip

The boys & I went to Texas a few weeks ago to visit my mom & dad (Mimi & Papa).  When people ask what we did, I truly say, "not much...just hung out."  I'm serious.  We left the house one time, only to go to the Wiggles Play Center.  Every single day while we were there, we hung out by my parent's pool, swam, listened to music, enjoyed great food & wine (thanks Mama!) & spent great quality time together.  The boys loved it.  And so did was fantastic.  

One especially perfect thing that happened while we were there was that Lincoln had his very first fishing trip with Papa.  My dad took him out in his golf cart to the "lake" (AKA the pond near Hole 5 on the golf course) where he taught Linc to put the worm on the hook, cast the line, & wait for the bite.  Here they are leaving for their trip:

And sure enough...Lincoln caught his very own fish!  Here he is so proud of his catch:

And here's Linc watching the fish flail on the ground...he was very concerned.

Here are some other pictures of the kids during our stay that were really sweet times:

Yummy watermelon with Papa:

Here's Levi showing off his doctor's glasses that he wanted to wear all the time.  He sees me wear my sunglasses on top of my head so often, that he believes that is how a person wears glasses all the time!  Hilar.

Mimi & the boys enjoying lemon halves.  I know, totally random.  But my mom was cooking & had an extra lemon.  Lincoln said he wanted to try some, & he ended up loving it.  Then he played with the rinds, & here we are.  Enjoying the lemon halves as head phones.  

I can't believe school starts in just 2 short weeks.  Linc will be in a pre-K program 4 days a week.  I can't believe it!  He's going to love it.  He has been missing his classmates like crazy this summer.  

Talk to y'all soon,

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