Thursday, March 24, 2011

Camping Trip Spring Break 2011

We went to Fall Creek Falls for Spring Break this year. We were planning on staying for 2 nights & three days. Instead, we stayed for one night & 2 days. We didn't bring enough food, equipment, or supplies. FAIL. This was our second time camping, so you would think we would have our routine somewhat set. Ah, think again, my friends. We went grocery shopping the night before we left & we did it hastily & distractedly. Way too much junk food & not enough healthy stuff. Bleh. We already have a master check-list made for next time, complete with griddle, stove top, dutch oven & steaks. We're so excited for all the yummy food we will make at our next camping trip! All that to say, we still had an awesome time. We hiked through the falls, had a wonderful family picnic, skipped rocks in the creek, walked over rickety bridges countless times (what an adventure that was for the boys!), told ghost stories around the campfire, roasted marshmallows, & all laid in our tent together talking about our day. The boys had such a great time, we were sad to leave! We would have loved to stay there another night. But not to worry, we're already planning our next trip. Soon, very soon.
Here are tons of pictures documenting our trip.

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