Friday, August 20, 2010

The Bear Card and the First Day of School!

Wow, it's been more than a month since I've updated this thing. Oopsies.
Lots to discuss here & many pictures & videos to post. Today was Lincoln's first day of Kindergarten at Trinity Elementary. He was so super excited to go & meet his classmates. I was excited too, until something inside me snapped this morning at breakfast & I started crying. It hit me like a freight train, & that train has continued racing over me at random points during my day. I have been a crying mess. A friend of mine at the Y came up to me & asked the simple question of, "How did it go this morning?" Tears. Good grief. But alll that to say, Lincoln had a great first day & he can't wait to go back.
Here are some photos of our morning:

Here is a quick video of my first morning breakdown. No lie, we were talking about something so non-significant while Ben was filming, & there I went.

And here is sweet precious Levi getting so sad when he has to say goodbye to his big brother. What did this do to me? Yup, you guessed it. I'm such a crybaby.

Here's Lincoln walking into his classroom for the first time:

All in all, Lincoln had a wonderful time at his first day. I've been praying over him this summer that he would make good choices while in his class, & that God would provide him with some sweet friends. I will continue praying this throughout the year.

In other news, Ben's parents sent Ben a birthday card last week. It's a card that makes noise, & it was a bear in the woods scaring someone. Lincoln thought it was hilarious; Levi thought it was terrifying. Ben took video of Lincoln trying to scare Levi. What ensued was all-out hysterics from Levi. I have never seen him run so fast from something. It was sheer panic. We had one friend watch it, & jokingly claim that he was going to call DCS. OK, OK, it's a little over the top. Half of me wanted to cry with Levi, but the other half thought it was a little funny. I just can't decide. You decide. And please, God in Heaven, don't call DCS.

I've had ENOUGH of this summer heat. The fall decor is coming out soon, just so I can get a change of pace here. No more 90 degree weather! Terrible.
Bring on the Fall!

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