Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer has started!

Hi friends!
I know I haven't updated in several days; sorry about all the delay. I know there are people & family from out of town who read this blog, so I will update you on the flood front. Nashville had a terrible flood. Durrrr. Fortunately, our home was not harmed in any way due to all the water. Unfortunately, there are thousands of families who are in a much different place. So many houses have been destroyed & have severe water damage. Watching the news coverage every day is sad in many many ways. We are thankful for God's provision during this horrible disaster, & also praying for God's provision to be laid upon other families who are dealing with life-changing circumstances.

In other news, our summer officially started the day after the flood. Lincoln's school was damaged severely, so they cancelled school for the rest of the year. This was very upsetting (on many different levels). It was hard telling Lincoln that he would not go back to school & see his friends. He didn't quite understand it, & still doesn't really. Secondly, he didn't get to say good-bye to any of his great buddies, & there was really no closure there. Again, not much understanding in his sweet little head. And thirdly, I was expecting 2 more weeks of school for him, & had not even begun to wrap my head around the concept of SUMMER, i.e. planning, scheduling, arranging VBS weeks, filling our days with events, etc. So this threw me for a huge loop, to say the very least. But hey, it is what it is.

Thankfully, we had a huge party with all of his pre-K friends this past week at a classmate's house, & the kids had a ball. Then yesterday, we had their "End of the Year Pre-K Show". This was a huge deal, as there was a big slide show, we got all of his school projects, & we saw what they had been working on this semester. I cried a lot during that. A lot. Let's just leave it at that & be dunzo.
Lincoln has been working on a lot of scripture memory verses, & he has done awesome. Yesterday we heard the entire class recite verse after verse, sing song after song, & act out the story of David & Goliath. It was a really sweet time, seeing what the Lord has done in those little hearts. So thankful.

Here are some pictures of our day:

Levi waiting for his big brother to come onstage:

Lincoln waiting side stage for their big entrance:

Walking in with his music teacher, Ms. Laura:

Lincoln on his "team" The Philistines.

Singing one of their many songs:

This is Lincoln walking up for his "solo." He had to say, "9 feet 9 inches tall! That's impossible!" Precious.

The Philistines pointing & laughing at the Israelites.

So excited about the songs...

Hi Mom!

Sword fighting with balloon swords...what a dream.

Lincoln & I having cookies & lemonade in the fellowship hall after the show.

Ben & I are leaving for Las Vegas next week for a full week of sun, fun, reading out by the pool, jet-skiing, shows, & relaxing. We are soooo excited!!
Hope you guys have a fun beginning to your summer.
Talk to ya.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

spoke too soon...

...that's what I did. Spoke too soon & I jinxed the whole thing.
I walked down the stairs this afternoon during 'Lincoln Time' (Lincoln's time to play by himself, watch TV, read books, do crafts, etc.) to find him sucking his left thumb. His right thumb is currently in the T-Guard. We thought he was a one-thumb-sucking-man. But apparently we were gravely mistaken. I sat down on the couch next to a very guilty look. I asked him point blank..."Lincoln, are you sucking your other thumb?" He said to me questioningly, "No?..." I saw the moisture on his thumb so I knew this was a lie. Before I could even get the words out, he said to me, "YES! OK, yes. I am sucking my other thumb. I'm sorry." I said, "I need to go get the other T-Guard so both of your thumbs can be tied in." He said, "Oh shucks!!....(another moment's thought)...OK go get it, Momma." The second T-Guard went on without fail or complaint. What's happening here?! He wants to quit so badly, but we're going at a snail's place, I tell you. SNAIL'S. PACE.
Last week he said, "Momma, we're gonna kick this bad habit...we really are!" Precious, but I'm not sure how true. I'm still optimistic because I know he really wants to quit, but I'm looking ahead to an orthodontic appliance. Just sayin', come on.
Here's to another couple weeks of not sucking either thumb & to him truly "kickin' that bad habit"!!
until our next dentist appointment,

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