Thursday, May 6, 2010

spoke too soon...

...that's what I did. Spoke too soon & I jinxed the whole thing.
I walked down the stairs this afternoon during 'Lincoln Time' (Lincoln's time to play by himself, watch TV, read books, do crafts, etc.) to find him sucking his left thumb. His right thumb is currently in the T-Guard. We thought he was a one-thumb-sucking-man. But apparently we were gravely mistaken. I sat down on the couch next to a very guilty look. I asked him point blank..."Lincoln, are you sucking your other thumb?" He said to me questioningly, "No?..." I saw the moisture on his thumb so I knew this was a lie. Before I could even get the words out, he said to me, "YES! OK, yes. I am sucking my other thumb. I'm sorry." I said, "I need to go get the other T-Guard so both of your thumbs can be tied in." He said, "Oh shucks!!....(another moment's thought)...OK go get it, Momma." The second T-Guard went on without fail or complaint. What's happening here?! He wants to quit so badly, but we're going at a snail's place, I tell you. SNAIL'S. PACE.
Last week he said, "Momma, we're gonna kick this bad habit...we really are!" Precious, but I'm not sure how true. I'm still optimistic because I know he really wants to quit, but I'm looking ahead to an orthodontic appliance. Just sayin', come on.
Here's to another couple weeks of not sucking either thumb & to him truly "kickin' that bad habit"!!
until our next dentist appointment,

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Daeon White said...

Ok, this is making me nervous. Kaelyn is a thumber, hard-core. I need someone to lead the way in breaking the habit, you're my hero! :)