Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Top 5 Already?!?

Holy Simon, I can't believe we're down to the Top 5 already! Time flies.
Well, I know where Randy was this weekend. He was trotting through the Michael's craft store, buying string & colored jewels to make a friendship necklace. And not just a necklace, no!, he doesn't stop there. He even has a bracelet to match. Crafty.
Paula's wearing a crazy riff-raff tonight.

Seriously. Did the Adam Lambert of old go bye-bye? Is this where we've landed? Stuck in the decade of the 1970's? I'm all for the retro look, but I'm ready for a change. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I am longing for some black nail polish & some shot-gun hair.

Jamie Foxx makes an appearance this week, which I think is super cool.
Let's get our booties shakin':

Kris: Kris looks like he just came home from a long day crunching numbers at the office. If you're going to wear a suit, then WEAR A SUIT. Make it look sexy & hot; don't make it look like you're a CPA during the month of April (I mean, please button the top button & tighten up your tie). He sings "The Way You Look Tonight", one of my faves. Jamie Foxx has fallen in love with Kris & says, "The audience will be blown away & they won't even know it." What? No comprehende. Kris's voice sounds great tonight. I like hearing him sing this style. Very smooth. Nice job, mister. Awesome last note.

Allison: She sings "Someone to Watch Over Me", & quickly proceeds to kick ass all over the place. Wowsa, she's good! Everyone except Simon really loved it. Paula, WTF. "innocent sensibility that was alluring & very tender..." I'm going to blame comments like that on the straight whiskey that is running through your bloodstream.

My SweetBaby: He sings "My Funny Valentine" & sounds like yummy honey in my tummy. Randy & Kara thought it was off & pitchy, Positive Paula thought it was great, & Simon thought it was brilliant. Yay!

Danny: I may have said this before on this blog, but when I hear Danny's voice, it sounds like a chord to me. It's so good that it sounds like there are several notes within one note. He totally kills it. You guys, I think I've just switched gears. After that performance, I am now on Danny's ship. I jumped off Matt's ship halfway through Danny's song. I'm so sorry Mattie, but 'tis true. This break-up will be devastating (obviously to you & not me), but we can no longer carry on this charade when my heart has now fled to D-Boy.

Adam: He sings "Feeling Good". I thought it was grandiose, just like any other week, but it felt like a Screamathon. He gets people chanting his name at the end of his performance, & people go crazy. All the judges loved it. Is this the right competition for Adam? I think not. He's waaaay too dramatic for this AI crowd.

This week is going to be a hard one. Tragically, I believe that this will be Matt's last week. We shall see tomorrow.
Go "blame it on the alcohol",

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Word Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everybody! Two people are going home this week b/c my main squeeze got saved last week. Woop.

I'm calling tonight One Word Tuesday b/c I plan to describe each contestant with one word. But before we do the one-word-thing, I have to express a lot of words before we kick it off. Adam Lambert, where are you? Are you anywhere underneath your Elvis impersonation? I didn't love you before the transformation, but I really don't love you now. Be yourself, dooood. Your look is not fittin'. Go back to where you came from.

Lil'...every week you do a 180 from the week prior. Pick a style & run with it. Quit going from Bree VandeCamp to Mary J. Blige.

Let's kick it:

Lil: KillMe.

Kris Allen: I'm-Workin'-Hard-to-Watch-This.

Danny: LoveHimBigTimeTonight.

Allison: LeatherLady, but her performance was slammin'. (I know, that was more than one word)

Adam: Good?? (Paula, 'visceral response'? dear god.)

MySweetBaby: MeLikey.

Anoop: Dudeforgottoshave--didn'tlikehisperformance. (I know, sorry)

If you want to know my opinion, I think that Lil' will be a goner.
Get your disco on,

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter

Since we were in Australia over Easter weekend, we had the Easter Bunny postpone his arrival until this weekend. Here are some pictures of this morning as the boys looked for their baskets & found their goodies.

Searching for the Easter basket...

Finding his goodies:

Checking out his chocolate bunny & new Lightning McQueen galoshes:

The one & only thing Lincoln wanted from the Bunny...a Transformer.

So excited about it.

Happy boy.

Here's Levi, checking out his easter basket:

Trying to wear his new bath toy duck as a hat:

Already a chocolate mouth at not even 8:00am. He's got such a sweet tooth!

It was a really fantastic Easter. We had perfect family time, even though it was gross & rainy all day long. The boys enjoyed every minute of it, & so did we.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

America, you really did need me!

I truly do think America might just have needed me desperately last week when "they" attempted to vote off my SweetBaby Matt on American Idol. I speak of this "they", only because I was continents away in Australia, & I had nothing to do with such blasphemy. I feel for certain if I had been in the States, I would have prevented such madness & utter ignorance. I won't see this happen again, I hope you know. If I do witness it myself, then asses will be blown to bits...everywhere...I ain't frontin'.

Enough about such trivial things! Let's talk about Australia, shall we? The Audio Adrenaline show was really great. It was good to see the gang back together again, even if only for one show. There were a ton of people there in Toowoomba & we had a great time at the sound board, cheering our guys on. This was the first trip that the wives spent some good quality time together. All other vacations were full of promotions, interviews, shows, radio stuff, etc...that we weren't able to spend good time together & just hang & relax. Well, this trip was very different & much better! We spent a solid 10 days with the other band members & their wives...and really got to just have fun, fellowship, laugh our heads off, & just be with each other. I swear, I laughed harder this trip than I had in a really long time. Tyler Burkum makes me pee my pants every single time with his "hoooooooorse-shit!" animated expletive. I mean, really...you wouldn't believe the giggles that came from me. Ali, Andrea, & Aegis are such sweet amazing friends (weird, huh? that their names all begin with 'A')...& we had such a cool time hanging out. So, if you're reading this, any of you darling girls, then please know that I love you & absolutely loved our fellowship...

Here are some photos of our time there. I'll never forget it.

so cute:

the view from our balcony on a somewhat clear sunset:


Our hotel had a "pool" of ocean salt water & a waterfall...filled with tropical fish, sand & lounge chairs. So our "beach" was really just hotel luxury. It was awesome! (but don't worry...we did go to the real beach eventually...)

In other news, I took full advantage of the spring weather today & planted myself 36, yes count them, 36 flowers in our front yard. Ben mulched after that, & it looks amazing! Lincoln was quite the helper, with his shovel & hotwheels...following me down the path as I went. What a trooper. I'll post some pics once they grow bigger & their blooms start to impress. Right now, they're just wee ones in the soil.

Talk to you on Tuesday night. Good weekend everybody!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gold Coast, Australia

Sorry for no updates lately. Ben & I are in Australia at the Gold Coast. Audio Adrenaline played a show in Toowoomba on Friday night & now we're at the gold coast having a fun vacay for the next 4 days. Happy Easter! It's Easter Sunday here, but I know that it's still Saturday to you all. We woke up early, went for a walk on the beach, & stopped at a very cool outside sidewalk cafe for some coffee & breakfast. It was very sweet...My one beef with Nashville? Why don't we have cool cafes that spill out onto the sidewalks where you can bring your own bottles of wine & sit there until your heart's content? We should for sure.

AA's show was great & very fun. Ben's hands didn't bleed, & he only has some little blood blisters. Pretty good for not playing in 2 years, huh?

The weather yesterday was cloudy & rainy, but today I took full advantage of the ozone depletion here. Got myself some serious sun. Yay! We're having so much fun & having some great fellowship with the other band members & their wives. It's good times.

I'll update later with pics.
G'Day, mates. xoxo,

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well Maggie, it's been real fun...but not really.

Maggie was the one to go tonight. Good thing too, because she acted like a toddler. When she found out she got into the Bottom Three, she did a crazy "kaww" bird sound which was just not necessary. Then she kept making freakish eye movements to the camera, & honestly, I didn't know if she was serious or just plain nutso. Did anyone see her mess up on her song? She looked back at the band like she had no idea what was happening. Good move, judges. No regret there with that choice.

But onto bigger news, what in the Hootie-and-the-Blowfish was going on with Lady GaGa? I mean, I'm all for the dramatic, the flare, the costumes, the jewelry, & all that fun stuff....but someone tell me what just happened. For real, doe. The first 2 minutes on the piano proved she could sing, but the rest was kinda like a dream. And when I say dream, I mean full-blown nightmare. The weird fiddle playing that didn't fit in the song no matter how drunk you were, the foil costume that wrapped her up like a big bow on a present, the dancers in black suits that were seizing on stage, & let's not forget to mention the black zipper pouch around her eye. Ben quietly said in the middle of this, "I don't think I understand." Me no likey.

I'm happy with the results tonight. Whew, My Baby got through to another week! Looking forward to his next song choice. But if Scott doesn't get booted off next week, I'm gonna open up a huge can of whoopass on y'all. Don't think I won't.
All my smooches,

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