Saturday, April 18, 2009

America, you really did need me!

I truly do think America might just have needed me desperately last week when "they" attempted to vote off my SweetBaby Matt on American Idol. I speak of this "they", only because I was continents away in Australia, & I had nothing to do with such blasphemy. I feel for certain if I had been in the States, I would have prevented such madness & utter ignorance. I won't see this happen again, I hope you know. If I do witness it myself, then asses will be blown to bits...everywhere...I ain't frontin'.

Enough about such trivial things! Let's talk about Australia, shall we? The Audio Adrenaline show was really great. It was good to see the gang back together again, even if only for one show. There were a ton of people there in Toowoomba & we had a great time at the sound board, cheering our guys on. This was the first trip that the wives spent some good quality time together. All other vacations were full of promotions, interviews, shows, radio stuff, etc...that we weren't able to spend good time together & just hang & relax. Well, this trip was very different & much better! We spent a solid 10 days with the other band members & their wives...and really got to just have fun, fellowship, laugh our heads off, & just be with each other. I swear, I laughed harder this trip than I had in a really long time. Tyler Burkum makes me pee my pants every single time with his "hoooooooorse-shit!" animated expletive. I mean, wouldn't believe the giggles that came from me. Ali, Andrea, & Aegis are such sweet amazing friends (weird, huh? that their names all begin with 'A')...& we had such a cool time hanging out. So, if you're reading this, any of you darling girls, then please know that I love you & absolutely loved our fellowship...

Here are some photos of our time there. I'll never forget it.

so cute:

the view from our balcony on a somewhat clear sunset:


Our hotel had a "pool" of ocean salt water & a waterfall...filled with tropical fish, sand & lounge chairs. So our "beach" was really just hotel luxury. It was awesome! (but don't worry...we did go to the real beach eventually...)

In other news, I took full advantage of the spring weather today & planted myself 36, yes count them, 36 flowers in our front yard. Ben mulched after that, & it looks amazing! Lincoln was quite the helper, with his shovel & hotwheels...following me down the path as I went. What a trooper. I'll post some pics once they grow bigger & their blooms start to impress. Right now, they're just wee ones in the soil.

Talk to you on Tuesday night. Good weekend everybody!

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