Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Word Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everybody! Two people are going home this week b/c my main squeeze got saved last week. Woop.

I'm calling tonight One Word Tuesday b/c I plan to describe each contestant with one word. But before we do the one-word-thing, I have to express a lot of words before we kick it off. Adam Lambert, where are you? Are you anywhere underneath your Elvis impersonation? I didn't love you before the transformation, but I really don't love you now. Be yourself, dooood. Your look is not fittin'. Go back to where you came from.

Lil'...every week you do a 180 from the week prior. Pick a style & run with it. Quit going from Bree VandeCamp to Mary J. Blige.

Let's kick it:

Lil: KillMe.

Kris Allen: I'm-Workin'-Hard-to-Watch-This.

Danny: LoveHimBigTimeTonight.

Allison: LeatherLady, but her performance was slammin'. (I know, that was more than one word)

Adam: Good?? (Paula, 'visceral response'? dear god.)

MySweetBaby: MeLikey.

Anoop: Dudeforgottoshave--didn'tlikehisperformance. (I know, sorry)

If you want to know my opinion, I think that Lil' will be a goner.
Get your disco on,

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Christina said...

Nice job. Lil and Anoopie pants definitely needed to go. Love this top 5. I'm sooooo w/ you on Adam. His wings need clipped. Go Danny, go Danny, go go go Dannny!!!!