Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well Maggie, it's been real fun...but not really.

Maggie was the one to go tonight. Good thing too, because she acted like a toddler. When she found out she got into the Bottom Three, she did a crazy "kaww" bird sound which was just not necessary. Then she kept making freakish eye movements to the camera, & honestly, I didn't know if she was serious or just plain nutso. Did anyone see her mess up on her song? She looked back at the band like she had no idea what was happening. Good move, judges. No regret there with that choice.

But onto bigger news, what in the Hootie-and-the-Blowfish was going on with Lady GaGa? I mean, I'm all for the dramatic, the flare, the costumes, the jewelry, & all that fun stuff....but someone tell me what just happened. For real, doe. The first 2 minutes on the piano proved she could sing, but the rest was kinda like a dream. And when I say dream, I mean full-blown nightmare. The weird fiddle playing that didn't fit in the song no matter how drunk you were, the foil costume that wrapped her up like a big bow on a present, the dancers in black suits that were seizing on stage, & let's not forget to mention the black zipper pouch around her eye. Ben quietly said in the middle of this, "I don't think I understand." Me no likey.

I'm happy with the results tonight. Whew, My Baby got through to another week! Looking forward to his next song choice. But if Scott doesn't get booted off next week, I'm gonna open up a huge can of whoopass on y'all. Don't think I won't.
All my smooches,

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Courtney and Jason G. said...

she's ridiculous. It;s like, she's embarassed and doesnt know what to do with herself so she makes faces and sqwaks. It's weird.

Also, if you havent erased it on Tivo- rewind it to the part where they start the group sing. IT"S TOTALLY LIP SYNCED> watch Scott bless it- Jimmy kimmel said-
"for God's sake, someone give that kid a headset"


Christina said...

Haaaaaaaaa!!!!! You never disappoint me Rhondi. I'm seriously laughing so hard right now at your last 2 posts. It's so great that you say exactly what everyone else in America is thinking or just has no one else to say it to! You rock.

Agree, agree, agree on all accounts of this week's "knock downs!"