Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Down to the Top 9

What in the hellfire is going on with Allison's hair & outfit tonight? Looks like nothin' but crazy.
Tonight is Top 40 Night.

Anoop: Sings an Usher song & totally tries to be Usher in every way. Ew, gross. I hate this performance. He is trying to be super sexy & a good dancer. Neither is working. Failing miserably, actually. He keeps giving the camera a weird scowl/I'm-sexy-look. Sexy you are NOT, Noop. Kara thought he did the song from a dare from some frat guys. Anoop looks shocked! Camera shot to said frat boys in the audience cheering Anoop on.

Megan: I'm choosing to call her Maggie b/c I think it fits her better. Her outfit is spankin' tonight, y'all. That turquoise strapless number is freakin' great. She looks waaaay more at-ease doing this style of song than last week's selection. Let's not be reminded of last week's debacle. One thing though: I think we will be seeing strapless numbers on Maggie all season long. Girlfriend loves her tats, doesn't she? Loves to show 'em off.
Kara keeps slamming her fists down on the table & it's annoying. Paula & Simon have something weird going on tonight. What's going on there between them? Paula thought she should have sat on a stool & ripped the hearts out of everyone. Simon said all the things he liked about her are disappearing. Awwwww....
Yikes, Maggie got ripped to shreds tonight. Poor thing.

Danny: Does "What Hurts the Most' by the Flatts. It sounds like he chose to do the song in too high of a key. But hey, ya know what? He has a voice that I really root for. I want him to hit those high notes, & every time I think "oh man, he's gonna crack"...he doesn't. This wasn't a fabulous performance, however. A few notes sounded kinda off. But I still love his voice. He's got mad skills. WORD.

Allison: Anybody out there watch Ni Hao, Tai Lan? Lincoln watches it every day, & Allison's reminding me of the little animated characters on that show. It's the spiky hair & obnoxious clothes. I mean, really Allison. Get some sense. The real kind & the fashion kind. She sounds OK, not a huge fan of it. None of the judges seemed to like her ensemble. I think Paula got a thesaurus this weekend! "Masterful", "prowess", "intonation", she's using words she's never heard of...

Scott: Must we go through this every week? This is torture. The only redeeming thing about this performance is his haircut. That needed to be done 4 weeks ago. The rat's nest is gone, ladies & gentlemen. But it's still not right. I need my earplugs, stat.

My Baby: I think this is Matt's worst performance I've heard so far in this competition. Someone tell me why he chose this song, puh-leeze. It just doesn't fit his voice. There's no blues in it, no soul in it. He's trying to be a rocker & he came across as trying too hard. None of the judges liked it & thought it was the wrong-o song choice.

Lil': I think I might vomit. Celine!? First things first--Did Lil' just move onto Wisteria Lane? Her hair cut is so conservative & housewife-ish. Please bake me a casserole & bring it to Bunco. Her rubies look good in that blue dress, but she needs some SPANX for her backside. Eek.

Adam: It's the return of The Tongue tonight, sicko. This was my favorite performance of Adam's, bar none. He killed it. Killed it. I'm starting to dig Adam, all except for his monster tongue wagging every which way. Kara says it was like Studio 57. Isn't it Studio 54?

Kris: He plays "Ain't No Sunshine" on piano. I really love how the stage is laid out during his performance. The strings & back-up singers are all around him which is intimately cool. I like it. He does really great. Kara got so excited I thought she was gonna fall off her chair. All the judges loved it. Way to go, Guy-Who-Will-No-Longer-Be-Married-After-This-Idol-Thing.

The person who I think will go is Matt (only because he's been in the bottom 3 lately). But the person who I think SHOULD go is Scott. Seriously, it's time.

Get to voting, all you citizens,

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Chuck and Kami said...

I'm crying laughing so hard at your rundown of Idol. Who do you think is going to take it home. Really?

Mandi said...

I cannot believe that you are trying to claim my man Matt. Hands off BIATCH!! Seriously, if he gets kicked off I am BOYCOTTING!!