Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the older you get, the better you get

I turned 31 yesterday. Thirty One. Thirty Frickin' One. I have been doing a Monday morning step/weights class for the past 5 weeks. Each Monday, I have to stop at some point in the middle of the class because it has been way wicked hard. We're talking, stand on top of the step for 16 counts, while everybody else continues stepping & lifting, because the teacher is kicking my butt all over the YMCA. BTW, my teacher is 50 years old. That was no typo, boss. She's the big 5-0. She turned 50 earlier this month & the class made a big to-do over it. I nearly threw up when I found out...you mean to tell me a 50 year-old woman has been beating me? So yesterday when I woke up, I thought to myself, "I'm 31 years old today. I'll be damned if a 50 year-old aerobics instructor is going to beat me today. I will keep up." I told this to Ben, & he simply said, "You are so funny sometimes." Then he quickly followed that up with, "Baby, you can do it." Awww.

So in I went. I planted my step directly behind Connie's (the teacher) step. That way, I could see her feet making every move & just the thought of the possibility of stopping during her class would embarrass the bejeezus out of me so much because I would have nowhere to look but at her booty, just steppin' away, acting like the work-out wasn't even phasing her. Y'all. I totally made it! Midway through, I was cursing like the devil at the step, the wall, the mirror, the girl next to me, anyone or anything really. But whew, what a great work-out it was. And it made it all the more satisfying because it was my birthday & I did what I claimed I would do. Yay for me, the 31 year-old. I went up to Connie & said, "I finally made it through your class. I turn 31 today & my goal was to get through." She turned to me, let out a huge belly laugh with her head back, & joyfully exclaimed, "The older you get, the better you get!"

Cheers to that,

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Michael and Jana said...

Love that. I do the same thing on the treadmill. I pick out any unsuspecting lady and vow to run longer than her. Kiddos to you and Happy Birthday!