Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Lincoln! (Belated)

Monday was Lincoln's 4th birthday. We woke him up in the morning & said, "Happy Birthday! You're 4 today!" He looked down at his body & inhaled deeply. Then he exclaimed, "Wow! How did that happen?"

We had a big bash for him at Chuck E. Cheese that evening with all of his friends. He had an awesome time, & it was great having his friends there, Ben's parents there (thank you thank you thank you!) & our friends all being in one place. It was a sweet time of celebration and joy. Here are some photos of the night:

This is Judah, AKA Lincoln's best friend from school. They adore each other. And this is Judah's mom, Jennifer. Such a doll.

Everyone eating pizza & waiting for Chuck E. Cheese to make his entrance:

Awww...Liam was excited to see Levi. So excited that he gave him a love pat right on his face. So cute!

Maren & Slade Spencer, our dear friends' Leslie & Dan's kids (and Luke too, but not pictured here!):

L-Train riding with Chuck for the first time. He was excited about it, for about 2 seconds...and then he wanted to eat pizza for the next hour and a half. What a hoss.

Lincoln digging into his Shrek cake. It really was a very cool cake. He thought it was totally cool to just dip his finger into the entire cake & take off a huge bite of frosting. Fine by me.

Lincoln dancing with Chuck E. Cheese:

The Three Musketeers. Lincoln, Judah, & Emmachelle. Emmachelle wore her Dr. Seuss hat the entire time of the party because as everyone knows, March 2 is also Dr. Seuss's birthday. What a little cutie. She's the only girl in their class at school, & has been for the past 3 years.

A big hug for Chuck:

It was such a fun night, & we are thankful for good friends & family. Ben's parents were here for the festivities, & we can't imagine throwing the party without their help! They completely took care of Levi the entire time, feeding him & taking care of him...while we played with Lincoln & got things squared away with all the guests. Thank you Mike & Sherry! We love y'all.

Hard to believe that my firstborn is 4 years old already. In some ways I'm so happy about it, but in other ways I'm a little sad. Just a smidge. But I'm glad his newborn days are over, & we can now have a conversation in which he completely understands what I'm saying & is just growing up before my very eyes. I'm so happy he's mine. Happy Birthday, Linc. We love you, bub.

OK, let's talk about this for a sec. American Idol...I can't believe I'm saying this, but take note for certain: I'm over it. Yup yup, sorry I may be disappointing a few of you, but 'tis true. I fast-forwarded through all the songs after their first verse was sung, & then sailed through the judges' comments. The only redeeming thing about last night's results was that my sweetie Matt was brought back for the random & 'let's-pull-in-more-viewers' Wild Card episode which airs tonight. I'll be watching only for him because he's my favorite. What's up with the Wild Card stuff? Did the producers finally realize that the talent this year is completely subpar & waaaaay below previous years? They should call me & ask my opinion.

Y'all have a good weekend. We're going to St. Louis for Mike's retirement party. Yay! Should be a fun time.
Oodles of love.

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Lindsay Schneck said...

happy bday linc! the party was so fun! and i am totally with you...i am over american idol...OVER IT.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln! Looks like ya'll had an amazing time. He's such a big boy now! :)

Yeah, I concur. AI is going down the tubes - fast. It's so annoying now. What's the point in rules if they're just going to break them all the time. Wild card, shmild card. Top 13? What is that?

Courtney and Jason G. said...

what a pumpkin boy. I wish i was a kid at that party. i LOVE chuck e cheese. I am a mad skeetballer.

Melissa P. said...

so sad we missed it! looks like a great party and sydney would have LOVED to be another girl in the mix. although this weekend she said 'when i am a big boy 4 year old like lincoln....'. yeah, i love your boy but not sure i want syd to become one! :)