Wednesday, April 30, 2008

bye bye brookie

Brooke cried her way home tonight, y'all. And man, did she ever! Pull yourself together, Sobbing Susan. This is live TV. There are no take-backs. I was kinda sad because she looked so devastated. And Syesha looked so shocked that she was safe, didn't she? I am happy about this week's elimination, although I was so scared when David Cook walked onstage because I thought if he was the third one called out, then that surely meant he was one of the bottom ones. But alas, he was a safe kiddo. Whew.

Let's dish about this. Is Natasha Bedingfield not the cutest, most darling thing in the universe? There are few people in this world that I could look at for days. What I mean is, there are people that are so fascinating to me (I'm talking about physical appearance only here in this contained list) that I enjoy looking at them for long periods of time. In fact, my list is quite short. It can be anyone ranging from friends to celebrities, simply because I invented the list. It goes a little something like this:

--my BFF & college roommate, Lindsay Norman (so beautiful)
--my best friend from high school & prom date, Cory Assink (he's a cutie & incidentally, he's the guy in all the Dell computer commercials...totally random, I know)
--my hubs (totally a hottie...see picture to your left)
--Ethan Hawke (ditto)
--Carrie Underwear (her skin is like a porcelain doll's, so perfect)


--Natasha Bedingfield!

She's made the list! Congratulations to you, Miss B. I know you've been waiting with bated breath & I know you must be so proud. In all seriousness, she's just a really pretty girl with a really pretty voice. My mom asked me how old she was & I threw out "maybe 30, 31?" My mom said, "No! She's no spring chicken! I think she's 35 or older." Come to think of it, she really didn't look that young. But when I went to the ole' trusty IMDB for my research, turns out she's only 27! She does look older than that. Surprising, although I've always sucked at the "let's guess my age" game. That's a mean game anyway.

In the same conversation with my mom, she LOVED Neil Diamond's song he performed. She thought it was OTT. (that's over the top, for you non-text-messagers out there) I, on the other hand, did not. It sounded like "Sweet Caroline" all over again.

Ryan, of course, had to jump on the gossip gate & try to kill all the rumors going around about Paula & her wacked out behavior last night. What he really did was just add fuel to the fire. Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Can you believe we're down to the final 4? We're finally getting to the nitty-gritty.
peace out homos.

I'll leave you with this and only this: