Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ramiele Goes Home! (it's about time)

Run with a torch down the streets! Hula dance through the hood! Strut your stirrups! Ramiele is going home!
I know that sounds bad, but come on, I'm just saying what you all are thinking. Once again, Ramiele showed her wonderful interviewing skills when she replied with Ryan's question with, "Well, I finally walked onstage." Oh honey, you're not only walking're walking right off that stage & out the diz-oor. Whew, finally someone at Fox has been taking my calls & reading my letters.

What's up with my man David getting hospitalized last night? He blames it on high blood pressure. It sounds like ole' David is about 70 years old. The first clue was that he loves doing crossword puzzles & word searches backstage before his shows. Now this! High blood pressure & Cedars Sinai hospitalization! What are we going to do with you, David? You don't belong at Shady Pines just yet.

Once again, Kristy shocks us all by sticking around for one more week. I did not get what she did with her piece of paper that was hand-written "Kristy's Seat". I don't think Ryan understood it either. So help me if she makes it to the top 2. Let's not speak of that scenario & what that will do for my own blood pressure. Hello Williamson Medical Center.

Dolly performed live, & did she ever. Jesus & Gravity. Ben said, "If there's anyone who defies gravity altogether, it's Dolly." Ha. I didn't really know if she was just yelling out to the crowd during the song, or if she was considering that "singing". The thing that really made me laugh out loud was at the end of the song, she hollered, "Hey Randy! Hi Paula! Hey Simon!...Ha, ha, this is fun!" Yep Dolly. It sure is. I haven't googled how old she actually is, but I'm assuming it's in the 65-70 range.

8 contestants left. Syesha will be the next to go, I think. I've stopped putting my money on Kristy. I think she's here to stay for the next few weeks.
Jesus, Gravity, & DD boobs,


Anonymous said...

You may have noticed that Seacrest looked a little irked when he saw Kristy Lee Cook's note, and quickly "reassured" the audience that the contestant don't know in advance what's going to happen. If you know anything about the way television shows are produced, you know that's likely not true.

More likely, the contestants are told in advance whether or not they're going to be in the bottom 3, to avoid emotional outbursts and keep the show under control.

Kristy was probably violating a part of her contract with American Idol (don't let viewers know that you know in advance about anything that's going to happen). If you watched her attitude after that whole incident, she looked angry and sullen. I think she might be a bit unbalanced ... watch for weird behavior from her.

Tip Junkie said...

You have an award waiting for you over on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

MelissaSnider said...

Hi! not much to say on american idol since I don't watch it, but just wanted to say hi and thanks for the comment. I am going to look for a new job and hopefully I can work with troubled teens some more. I will really miss that place.