Wednesday, April 16, 2008

see ya later, cage fighter kristy

Hallelujiah! Kristy Lee Perm was voted off tonight. I'm in a Nashville American Idol Pool (if I win, I get like $650) but tonight I really got screwed. My bottom three were all wrong-o. Ryan tried to pull a fast one on us by splitting the groups up, then having people switch around like it was Musical Chairs. Was anybody else so annoyed at Little Davie sitting in the middle of the stage? That was done last year by Doolittle. Didn't pack nearly as much punch when he did it as when she did it. He still didn't get it, even when Ryan was beckoning him to draw closer to the group that was SAFE. Open your ears, open your eyes & quit thinking about your prom night, David. Get your 16-year-old head in the game.
Is it horrible to admit that I'm kinda mad that Brooke was safe? I know, so crazy that I just said that, right? But her mouth is really starting to get on my nerves. The constant biting of her lower lip, the sickly sweet agreeable nature of everything she says, it's all just so goodie-goodie. What has happened to me? FOX is changing me, people.
I also find it very interesting how Carly came right out & said that Simon was being too hard on her. What is it with people with accents saying mean things, & it just not sounding mean? If she was an American girl from I don't know, let's say Kansas...& she had said that, it would've been would've been an extremely awkward mess. But with the Irish accent, it sounded not so bad. Man, I wish I had an accent. I could basically say anything I wanted & blame it on the barrier. But nope, a Texas girl I'll always be.

So we're down to the Final Six. If I heard Ryan correctly, next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber Week. I'm so curious to see what David Cook has up his sleeve for this one.
Go get back on that horse, Kristy.


Amanda Conley said...

I missed, thanks for the recap!