Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Heart David Cook

Tonight is Mariah Carey week. What's going on with MC bringing her dog to meet all the Idol finalists? That's so Paris Hilton. Why do celebrities feel the need to bring their dogs everywhere? Seriously, that's what a back yard is for. Use it to its full potential.
Here's a crazy tidbit about Mariah. If you notice, she's only filmed on the right side of her face. It's the right side that's ALWAYS showing. True story. She thinks her left side is her "bad side." She's always turning her right side to the camera. Wanna know where I got such powerful information? I am fairly certain I remember seeing that factoid on the oldie but goodie "Pop Up Videos".
Well, tonight we can plan to be disappointed with most of the finalists. Who can one-up Mariah? A big fat nobody. So here we go!
David Archuletta: Does a stupid song about miracles...yeah, no surprise there. Every week he sings something about miracles, wishes, believing in yourself, blah blah blah. I won't even speak of his pleather pants tonight. Don't pull that stunt ever again, David.
Carly: I think she's trying too hard. I loved the song she did, but I feel like she's stressed during her entire performance. I do love her voice, but her chances of becoming the final Idol are fading. Those Irish aren't so lucky.
Syesha: I need to find out who girlfriend's stylist is. She outdoes herself every week. The gray dress she wore when she met MC was un-freakin-real. Then her gold number that she performed in was amazing too. I thought she was really good doing "Vanishing". I'm usually not a huge fan of hers, but this week, she did pretty well. But let's not kid ourselves...no one does any of these songs better than Mariah herself. Tell me again why this was a good idea?
Teacher's Pet: She does "Hero" on the piano. I've pinpointed my problem with Miss Brooke. I'm constantly nervous for her when she's performing, because I see how nervous she is. This an American Idol does not make. She kept screwing up the tempo on the piano...basically, I thought she bit the big one on this song. She hit several wrong chords too. Sucked. Brooke, take note: quit kissing up to the judges. All you do is agree with everyone. Please get an attitude...it makes it a lot more entertaining to watch. Randy thought it was just OK, Paula said something dumb, & Simon thought it was like ordering a hamburger but only getting the bun. Simon, you need to step it up a notch...get better material. I don't know if you think that's priceless British humor, but I think it's just plain lazy. Doesn't translate.
Kristy: Country crooner has straight hair tonight. I like her better already. I was so done with her curls. She does "Forever" & Mariah thinks she does very well during her rehearsal. I do love that song. It's got a lot of belting, & Kristy does well with that. I thought she did as well as she could have. Randy thought it was pitchy, but thought she stepped up at the end; Paula loved it & thought it was a very smart song choice (but Paula!--who says "country western music" anymore?--that saying died with the Gene Autry cowboy era), & Simon thought she managed with what she had.
David Cook: Oh David...sweet sweet David. He chooses to sing "Always Be My Baby" & I'll be damned--his arrangement is killer! I had to rewind it to watch it again. My crush has now turned into a full-blown affair. With his voice. And performance. And hair. However, Ben thinks David is secretly going bald. He said, "Before he gets his Gibson deal, he needs a Rogaine deal." Well said. Dawg stood up! I don't think that has ever happened in the history of Idol...especially not before the gastric bypass. Paula thought it could be on a movie soundtrack. Simon thought it was like coming out of karaoke hell into a breath of fresh air.
Jason Castro: I think I'm pretty much over the "let-me-play-guitar-while-we-all-get-stoned" gig. Every week is the same song & dance. I don't think he takes much risk on this show. Randy thought he was at a luao on a beach, while Paula wanted to be on the beach with Jason (remember this is a family show, Paula). Simon thought it was pretty good. Snore.

Here are my bottom three:
Jason Castro

I'm hoping the goner will be Jason.

AMERICA, I'M TALKING TO YOU. If something happens this week like it did last week, there will be hell to pay. You'll have to answer to me. And you don't want to answer to me. Ever. A huge injustice was done when Michael was voted off last week, & we will not have a repeat of that tomorrow evening.
Wise Dialing,
Rhondi, AKA David Cook Lova


Rachel said...

Rhondi...I randomly came across your blog.. and I like how you are pretty much the 4th judge:) and I couldnet agree more.. David Cook is amazing! I gotta root for the boy from oklahoma! (well he moved to tulsa to persue his singing career)... but anyways.. did you notice his brother who has brain cancer was in the crowed tonight:) I got the goosebumps during DC's performance...I finally got thru to vote for him in the last 30 min of voting.. sorry for the long comment...

Lindsay Schneck said...

I'm totally with Ben on this one. I have coined the term "hawk-over" to describe David's poor poor attempt at covering his receding hairline with a hipster do. Also, quit doggin' my boy JC (not Jesus Christ, the other one.) He's dreamy :)

Mary said...

well, we are officially on the same page.....I actually tried hard not to like David in the beginning but he has earned my love and I am now a fan!