Friday, April 11, 2008

tummy time & rocketown kiddos

Here are some photos of the boys having tummy time. Anytime Levi has tummy time, Lincoln thinks he has to have it, too. So cute. Lincoln spreads out his activity gym & gets so excited to lie upon it with his brother. It's pretty cool to watch.

Here are two kids from Rocketown that were over at the house the other day. Their prom is tomorrow night, so they were over here asking Ben about what to do, what to wear, where to take pictures, what kind of corsage to get, etc. So funny. I asked Tony if he wanted to hold Levi & he yelped, "No! I don't know how to hold a baby!" Ben quickly said, "You hold him just like a football...but never throw him." So he got the hang of it soon enough. I think he's a natural! Here's Tony:

And here's John. An interesting factoid about John, you ask? He just auditioned for the principal lead in the new Hannah Montana movie.

Have a great weekend,


Mary said...

where do you find all the blog layouts?? i really like this one!