Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saturday Night Thunder & Jeff Gordon

This past Saturday, Ben took Lincoln to Saturday Night Thunder at the fairgrounds. He absolutely loved it. What he really enjoyed most of all was the snacks, drinks, & hollering. He loved how everyone was clapping & yelling for the cars, so every time Ben took a picture of him, he thought he had to yell...as you can see from these pictures. Earplugs & all.
This is right before they left the house. (notice his Number 8 vest? Thank you MeMaw):

Eating the snacks. I think this included a Dr. Pepper, popcorn, & a pretzel. Yum.

Getting up close to the fence to see the cars...again, he thought it was necessary to always be yelling for pictures. Hilarious.

Thank goodness Ben brought ear plugs for him. He loved them, & thought they were the coolest things ever. He is still walking around with them this morning:

Then yesterday, we got him a Jeff Gordon car. He had outgrown his truck & it went sooo slow coming up our hill of our cul-de-sac. So this is the new, FAST car. And when I say fast, I mean it goes 5 mph. But actually, that's much faster than the truck's 3 mph! It kinda freaked him out when he pushed the gas for the first time. We laughed. This is a few of us surprising him when he woke up from his nap yesterday:

What is it with boys & looking under the hood of a car? He was sitting in the car for maybe 30 seconds, when he had to get out & check under the hood. And then he "fixed" things with his drill. Ben was so proud.

And he's off!

After a few minutes of driving, I could tell something was bothering him. He kept coming by the driveway really slowly with a sad look on his face. Finally, he got out & asked for the truck. We got the old truck out of the garage, & he had to set it up right next to the new car. Then he said, "Take a picture! Brother & sister!" He had to have the truck out there because I guess he felt bad about leaving it out. He's into calling things 'brother & sister' these days, so the truck & car are a brother/sister pair.

He put them nose-to-nose & said, "Momma, they're kissing! Awwww..."

This is Kevin, our neighbor down the street. Lincoln & Kevin LOVE playing together. I hear about 10 times a day, "Play with Kevin?" Here they are making funny faces to the camera:

And of course, crashing into each other. That's the best part!

His day yesterday of racing in his new car ranked high on his list of best days, I think. He was super duper excited to wake up again this morning to drive it.
We'll talk to ya.