Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow...Cookie wins the Cake!

David Cook
I'm so excited! David Cook Wins!! Did anyone else cry when his sweet mom came up on stage & his brother was so super proud? What a fun & unbelievably memorable moment. I feel kinda embarrassed to say that I'm so proud of this guy whom I've never met. But clearly I'm not the only one, because Ryan told us all that nearly 93 million votes took place last night. Holy Moly.
It's an understatement to say that I was completely shocked when David Cook was given the title. I was so certain that Archuletta would take the crown. I think I was intentionally thinking it would be Archuletta so I would not be too disappointed if Cook were to not win. Ben, on the other hand, stood strong & said, "David Cook's gonna win...he has to." I don't think he even wanted to think about little Archie getting it. So when Ryan announced his name, we were both very happy. Ben & I both actually laid on the couch the entire 2 hours & watched all the entertainment. Ben's favorite? Donna Summers! My favorite? Bryan Adams! Crazy, I know. But seriously, can Bryan Adams' voice be any sexier? It sounds like he just smoked a pack of ciggies & then drank a bottle of whiskey. And Donna Summers did sound amazingly good.
Did anyone else think Carrie Underwood looked frighteningly thin? What's going on there, Miss Carrie? Go grab yourself a hamburger. But girl can saaaang. Whew, she hit it out of the park.
I will also say that I would go out tomorrow & buy the record if Michael Jons & Carly Smithson were a duo. They sounded unreal good together when they did "The Letter". I had forgotten how unbelievable they both are...I had also forgotten how weirded out I get when I watch David-I-Strip-in-my-Spare-Time-Hernandez sing. When they all were singing the George Michael song, he just randomly got the "kinky" lyric. Priceless. It's either priceless or disgusting. I'll go with the latter.
Y'all remember Jordin Sparks? She was packed out in a gold dress when she came onstage to sing her new single. And I do mean "packed". Ben said, "Wow, she spent her summer eating Hostess Cupcakes." Not cool, Benny. Not cool. But seriously, if you're big-boned like she is, why would you wear a dress that is cut like that? Choose something that is flattering to your figure, not something that should be on a Size 4 anorexic.
Did anyone catch the old man behind the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers? I don't know if he was part of the band or what, but he was a spitting image of Tom Arnold. Ben literally said, "I didn't know Tom Arnold was in this band!" I nearly fell off the couch. I mean, can we please get some age continuity within the Disney band? A five-year age gap is all we need.
Ben made me laugh again by saying, "What about the TMTH guy? Where is he?" Remember that hoo-ha? He is Too Much To Handle. Y'all remember Danny Noriega, right? How can you not remember him? Straight hair, gay moves, high-pitched voice, totally spunky when he talked to Simon...
OHH! I totally forgot to mention Amanda Overmeyer. I saw not one smile come across her face the entire night. You know she was cursing herself for signing that contract when she auditioned. Skunk hair returns!

Well, David Cook wins American Idol, but let's not forget that we are ALL winners tonight. We all win our lives back from the grip of the FOX network. My time will no longer be sucked from its very being, watching commercial upon commercial for Ford & Coca-Cola products. Let's all take a break more American Idol for this girl. Not until next January, of course. Until then, you can catch me here at this blog posting pictures of my boys & funny anecdotes of the fam.
It's been a fun ride. Come around again next year for us to do it all again...
Congratulations Cookie!


Lindsay Schneck said...

oh rhondi. i love reading your blogs and seeing you standing in your truth. you are who you are rhondi, and that's what's beautiful about you. you are true to who you are and true to yourself. that's what makes you so you and so true. your beauty and warmth is emanating from you and spreading it's light for all to see. i'm speechless. it brings tears to my eyes to see your light and truth. so, go paint that door and doorknob girl and shine your truth for the world to see. you are who you are. it's who you are and we love you for it.

Anonymous said...

sis, you have me peeing in my pants. i agree with the carrie underwood thin comment as well as bryan adams sexy voice. and i was equally as freaked out by the david hernandez stripper's like he can't forget them. i was looking for TMTH but i don't think he was in the top 12. i think amanda overmeyer was completely out of her element with all that harmonizing and choreography. one bitter gal she was. carly is the best and i want to buy her single when it comes out. bye now, i'm off to drive my ford and drink a coca cola. by the way, i think you should start watching the next FOX thing and blog about i think you can will be a Vines Vikettes flashback...give me some Pam Day.

Marianna said...

Rhondi, oh yee of little faith. I told Dave 1/2 hour b4 it was over that I just knew that Cookie would come through. Did you see how he was gripping his mike and had his head down? I think he was preparing himself for the worst and PRAYING. I about jumped off the couch when Ryan said his name. I got both my picks this week ~~~dancing with the stars and Idol. What a great blogger you are.......must have gotten that from me. :-) LOL

cory said...

So Cassy & I have been reading your AI blogs stealth-like all season long.
They're completely awesome...
and frequently creepy in accordance with how we were thinking.
We could go on and on addressing every little "awe-shucks" look from Archie, that stripper guy Hernandez with that cheesy, creepy, porno twinkle in his eye *shutters*, and the most annoying girl in the world...Brooke. I wanted to pierce her pouty lip with a stake.
Anyhow, we were entertained.
Mucho thank yous.
p.s. your kids are darn cute too.