Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Tree Hill Fans, Near and Far....

BREAKING NEWS!!! Set your Tivos, DVRs, VHS recorders (if you're still living in the Dark Ages) for this Monday, May 19 at 8pm CST. The finale of One Tree Hill (CW Network) has its fourth season finale. As you may know, I have watched this show from the very first pilot episode. Yes, it's a show filled with 90210-drama, teen angst, & complete "that would never really happen" plot lines, but nevertheless, I tune in every Monday evening. But this finale will be different, my friends. Our great friend TYLER BURKUM has a song that is going to be featured during the finale! It's called "End of the Road" & it is amazing. I have no idea when the song will be played or during which scene, but I'm so excited to watch & listen for it. For those of you who don't know who Tyler Burkum is, he was in Audio Adrenaline with Ben for several years. He was the guitar player. If you don't know who Audio Adrenaline is, then let me tell you he then went on to play guitar for Mat Kearney. If you don't know who Mat Kearney is, then I can no longer help you. Go crawl back under the rock you've been living under.
If you want to listen to some of Tyler's other songs, then click here.
So don't forget to watch it this Monday! Yea Tyler!

Here's hoping Peyton & Lucas get back together (if you're OTH fans, then you know who I'm talking about),


Anonymous said...

sis, don't watch OTH but your blog makes me want to. can't wait to read it after tonight's idol. love the front door. you go. love, you-go-down-there-and-find-that-diamond-or-you'll-never-find-that-precious-teddy-again!