Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DC's in the Hiz-ouse!

david cook

That was my Randy impression, if anyone's wondering. We're down to the Final Trio! Cripes! And hey, speaking of Randy, he needs to pull out whatever crawled up his ass tonight. Pronto. Do not pass go, just get rid of it, whatever it is. What's up with Dawg, y'all? I've never seen him so down in the dumpos. He didn't like one song tonight that was performed, much to my surprise. And why does he keep saying, "You could sing the phone book, man..." I could never hear that phrase ever again & be OK for the rest of time. Let's get to it. This is going from memory, so don't expect it to be in order. And also, I'm only going to touch on the songs that I either thought were amazing or just plain deathtraps.

David Archie: The only thing I remember, but wish like hell I could forget, is his rendition of Chris Brown's "With You". To watch Archuletta sing the words, "I need you, Boo, gotta have you, Boo" makes me want to straight up take a Valium & wish I woke up having retrograde amnesia. I mean, seriously, what inhabited his soul to make him want to do that at this stage of the competition? He said, "I just thought I'd give it a shot." Davie, let me tell you this one thing. I'm going to give it a shot that you won't be coming back next week. His dance moves didn't help matters. That definitely fell in the deathtrap category.

Syesha: I did love her Alicia Keys song, however, I thought the only thing missing was her sash that said Miss Florida because that entire song was straight out of a pageant. I thought she looked really beautiful throughout the entire show, though. Ben LOVED her performance of "Fever" & thought it was sexy...not to mention, he also said, "She's got a strategy & she's not afraid to use it." And Ben don't lie.

David Cookie: I thought he did spectacular tonight! That should be in all caps. The only song I wasn't crazy about was the song I thought I would just love, "Dare you to Move". It sounded out of tune & kinda weird. But I did love his version of the Aerosmith song & evidently, so did the audience & especially Paula. She gave him a standing-O & welcomed him into the Final Two. Well done, David!

I'm going to hope beyond all hope that Archuletta will be the one to go this week.

I need you Boo,


Michael and Jana said...

I need to know who told Archie he was cool enough to do a Chris Brown song. I actually feel sorry for Chris Brown. This might be the first time in history that American Idol hurts the sell of a song.

Heather said...

I found your blog through some friends. Thank you for your recap of AI. I missed it the last couple of weeks and so I love reading up from you. I love David Cook and I hope he wins. Hopefully if he wins they will let him make a CD that he wants to make, not what they tell him.