Thursday, May 22, 2008

a roll-over, a water fight & some cereal

Here are some adorable photos of the boys. I'll start out with Levi's recent rollover. I put him down, walked away for a second, & then the next thing I know, he's completely on his belly. What a champ.

"OK, I'm on my back Mom!"

"Grrr... Al...most...there! (hey, in the meantime, check out my bald spot!)"


Here is Lincoln & Dad having a water fight outside last night in our front yard. Hilarious.

Linc thought this was the funniest thing...getting Momma's feet wet with the hose. I acted like it was hysterical. And it was freezing!

Levi started eating rice cereal a couple days ago. Let me ask anyone this: who likes that wallpaper paste? I mean, I feel like the worst mom ever by giving it to him. And he's no idiot, of course he didn't like it.

"OK this looks promising...I've got a bib on! You're stirring something that looks different...let me taste it...I'm pretty excited!"

"Wait, what's happening?"

"I take it back! I'm not excited, I'm disgusted!"

"What the bloody hell..."

"I'm not sure what just took place Mom, but it better not ever happen again. Ever."

Go get your roll-over on,


Amanda Conley said...

Ha ha! your sequences of events crack me up! great photos!

Courtney and Jason G. said...

oooh, i just want to squeeeeeeeeeeeeze him.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I love reading the blog. Keeps me up with you guys! Guess what - the McAdams just welcomed Carter Vaughn McAdams and Matthew Barrett McAdams into the world. Mom and boys are doing great. Thought you would want to know. Take care and I'd love to get together sometime.