Friday, May 16, 2008

Granny Goes to Prom

Well, Granny went to the Rocketown Prom tonight. And yes, I'm Granny. Seriously, I felt ancient compared to the kids there. Who knew that bubble satin dresses with obscene bows in the front would make a come-back? Who knew that rags/towels/sashes hanging from a girl's jeans butt pocket is now a cool accessory? And who knew that dirty dancing now not just involves grinding someone else, but it also involves acting like you work at Showgirls down the street on Broadway Ave? I was mortified watching these girls dance. All that was missing was the pole.

So I get all dressed up & drive to Rocketown. I actually found a sitter! Nah, I just left the boys at home to fend for themselves. I mean, come on, Lincoln can run his own bath & read himself to sleep and Levi can make his own bottle & climb into his crib. For cryin' out loud.

Ben didn't really keep up his end of the bargain with dressing up for prom. Remember when I said his idea of dressing up was changing his shoes from Adidas to Vans? Well, his idea tonight was putting a sport coat on over his Black Flag t-shirt & jeans. It was hilarious. I made fun of him all night. Half the people there were dressed to the nines, corsages, tuxes, floor-length dresses and all. The other half couldn't have cared less it was prom, & wore their grubbies. My one requirement of the evening was that we could dance to a slow song, & in between "This is Why I'm Hot" & "Jane Fonda", the DJ, our friend Mark Moseley, played "You're My Inspiration" for us to dance to. Yes, everyone made fun of us & pointed. We can't stay 16 forever. Just sayin.

Here's the girl who danced like she belonged in a porn. As you can see, she chose to dress like she had no idea it was prom night. I tried to get an action shot but hey, this camera can only do so much. This picture looks almost like a normal couple having fun dancing. If you only saw what I did after I put my camera away. Hello sex on the dirty ground. OK not really, but almost.

Here are our friends Mark & Nicole. Nicole looks excited, huh? So excited she had to text someone about it.

Here's Ben holding Richard. Richard just graduated Salutatorian from high school & just received a full scholarship at Vanderbilt.

Here's the cutest cat around. Not quite sure what he was trying to do in this picture. Maybe vogue? Another clue as to how old we are.

Even though the night made me feel very old & out of touch, it also made me feel very thankful for what I had waiting for me at home. I'm happy I'm 30 & I'm happy Ben is 32. I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin than I do now. I'm thankful that we have our 2 babies sleeping snug in their beds. No longer do I have to feel insecure at a high school prom. That job can happily move on to Linc & Levi when their time comes.

Granny's gotta get some shut-eye,


Melissa P. said...

that is looked awesome!! i am glad you had a fun night...and i am glad you are a grown-up (granny!) like me!

Courtney and Jason G. said...

HOW FUN! and weird?!

I am telling ya... girls these days..... look out.

Well, you looked fantastic.

talk soon

Amanda Conley said...

Great pictures!