Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's 80's Night, Oh What a Night...TMTH

Come on Girls! Let's see how this goes:
BTW, I think Paula's the only one who got the memo to dress like the 80's tonight.

1) Asia: First off, what in the name of all things under Heaven is she wearing? Those pants are from the Devil himself. She does Whitney's "Wanna Dance With Somebody" & sounds pretty darn good, although as Ben so wisely pointed out, "She sounds good, but the arrangement is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago." Such truth, B. Of course Randy has to start the judging off by saying that he recorded that song with Whitney. Ugh, does Randy think this show exists simply to stroke his ego? I'm over his name-dropping.
2) Kady Malloy: Ben strikes again: "Why would you sing whole notes when you can't even hold a note?" I honestly don't know if she ever hit a right note. Was she in three different keys? She looks really cute tonight though; I always love her jewelry. Paula's officially drunk tonight y'all because she said that was Kady's best performance. WHA???? Simon got no emotion out of her performance. And whatever Simons says goes. Simon says.
INTERRUPTION: Poor Ryan getting hissed at by Simon was awfully funny. Simon's in a foul mood tonight! It certainly is gonna be a fun night.
3) Amanda: Most importantly, your hair has changed from that dreadful 'do last week. Victory there. She does "I Hate Myself for Lovin' You" & sounds as usual as she always does. I'm gonna be honest here...I can only take about 2 songs of sweet Amanda. Then I'm done with her Joplin voice. She totally rocked it though, & her performance was really great tonight. Simon thought it was fantastic! He said she nailed it & it was the perfect song choice for her. You'd think she would be so elated to get his praises...instead, she looks like she couldn't care less. Ben says, "I don't think she wants to be there anymore." I think she wants to run right back to her Harley.
4) Carly Smithson-My-Favorite-Girl: She does "I Drove All Night" & kicked the high notes. So good!! And her hair looks better when it has some curl in it, rather than iron straight. Everyone has chosen to wear the worst 80's pants ever tonight...high-waisted grossness that make everyone's thighs & hips look as big as the universe. I'll be so sad if that comes back in style.
5) Kristy Lee Cook: This girl is Ben's fave. All because she sold her horse to get on AI. He thought that was a sweet sad story. He's such a sucker. And then she goes & does his favorite Journey song. Kristy would do well in her small horse town, although I don't think she's gonna cut it in Hollywood. I did not like it that much. Dawg loved it, Paula thought it could be a hit, & Simon thinks she's forgettable. I'm agreeing with the tight-fitted-black-shirt Brit.
6) Ramiele: She attempts Phil Collins "Take a Look at Me Now" & puts way too many tricks in it. She's very pitchy & is trying way too hard. Dawg didn't care for it & says to "come on wid it" next time, Paula says she has an "innocent face & a lot of texture to her voice" (snore), & Simon thought it was old-fashioned. I think she may be on her way out.
7) Brooke: I like her more & more every week. I think I love her voice because it sounds like she has a cold & is constantly losing her voice. I like voices like that. She does an acoustic version of "Love is a Battlefield" & sounds great. I totally dug her performance in every way. Simon has nothing but good things to say about her performance. I think Simon may be in love with sweet Brooke. It all goes back to her purity with never having seen a Rated R movie. Let's get Ben's take on Brooke: He think she's very classy & a step above the rest.
8) Sayesha: She does a Whitney ditty & wears some really cute shorts. She looks great & sounds good too. Obviously the judges were short on time as their comments clearly suggest: "Good", "good" & "good." How helpful. I think she'll stay for next week.

All in all, I thought it was a great night for the girls. I believe these are the ones truckin' on home:
--Kristy or Kady (it's a toss-up)
Until tomorrow night,

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Amanda Conley said...

You didn't let me down! Thanks for the overview!