Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hello again...& it's The Beatles again

Hi friends,
I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been too busy giving Levi enemas, wiping his nose, & taking his temperature to do much of anything else. He had a bad cold last week, as well as not being able to poop. So there.

I didn't even mention anything about last week's Idol, but for those of you who don't know, David Hernandez left the building last week. The new American Idol stage was showcased last week, so he even had a pole that he could strip his way on out of. (Tragically, that wasn't mine; it was Joel McHale's from The Soup--who I'm secretly in love with.)

Anyhoo, let's get straight on it. Tonight is again Beatles Night. Is now a bad time to tell y'all that I don't really like The Beatles?

1) Amanda: She does "Back in the USSR" & does pretty well, I think. She seems to be finding her way on stage & finally seems to be having fun up there. Same ole thing for me, not much else to say. I fear the day she does a ballad. Who needs a ballad? Ballads are boring.
2) Kristy Lee Cook: She looks absolutely darling tonight. She performs "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" & I don't think she knew what key it was in. Cute boots, though. The song was snore boooring, to say the very least. Simon was awful to her, saying "you're just not a good performer at all..." How sweet. But wait, what just happened? "I can blow you out of your socks, Simon!" I'm a little embarrassed.
3) David Archuletta: I officially don't like him. He does "The Long and Winding Road" & I'm officially bored out of my mind. If I was to choose between buying his album & eating dirt, well, let's just say I'd be standing in line for the dirt. All of the judges disagreed with me, but I'm sticking to my guns. I'm convinced he can only do ballads.
4) Michael Jons: I love him in a shirt & tie. This cutie does "A Day in the Life" & does OK. He hit a weird note at the beginning. I'm not sure if I don't like his performance, or if I just don't like the song. Let's be honest, it could all go back to the fact that I don't like The Beatles. Randy says it wasn't one of his good ones, Paula blamed it on the monitors, & Simon says it was a mess. I'm going to agree with that mess.
5) Brooke: She does "Here Comes the Sun" & I'm reminded of "Bee Movie" that I saw for the first time this weekend. That Jerry Seinfeld is one funny bee. She does a little dance & lets out a whoop & holler, which I think is a huge mistake. She seems so cheesy during this one, trying to dance & laugh throughout it. Simon thought the performance was terrible. Ouch.
6) David Cook: He does "Daytripper" & does the White Snake version. He sounds phenomenal. I have a crush on David this week. I think his performance kicked ass. Paula loved it. Randy didn't think it was his best performance. Simon thought David was smug throughout the entire thing, thinking it was predictable. Wha???!!! I think David is a serious rock star.
7) Carly Smithson: This angel sings "Blackbird" & it's so good. She sure did wail at the end & it sounded great. I loved the arrangement. I think we're all in agreement that she can sing anyone in this competition out of the water. Randy thought it was very nice, Paula thought she was fantastic, & Simon thought it was indulgent. Cripes, Simon! Quit it.
8) Jason: Why would he choose this song? He does "Michelle" & sounds tragic. He hits wrong notes all over the place & wears way-too-tight jeans. Seriously, where was the stylist on that one? She should lose her job over tonight's debacle. Randy thought it was subdued & "just alright", Paula thought he was charming but disconnected, & Polka-style (which was so so true, Wise Paula), & Simon thought he was very charming. He also said Jason was goofy. Goofy indeed.
9) Syesha: Her boobies are all over the place tonight, hoping to get through this week with those. She chooses to sing "Yesterday", possibly the most popular song in history. Ever. Why, people, why is she doing this song? She does an acoustic, sort of unplugged version & sounds good, but puts way too many runs in it. The dress totally redeems her performance though, because that is an amazing piece of clothing. Randy thought it was a very good performance, Paula thinks she let herself be vulnerable, & Simon thought it was the best song choice of the night. Way to go Syesha.
10) Jacuzzi: He does "I've Just Seen a Face" & tries out the harmonica for the first time. His voice sounds like honey...it's like a chord with one voice. Then things change & we move to the backwoods with o brother where art thou. The arrangement was very discombobulated & confusing...I didn't really get it. Paula loved it & Simon thought the harmonica was atrocious, turning it into a bad country song.
11) Ramiele: She sings "I Should've Known Better" & tries to do the upbeat thing this week. I knew from the first note that this would be a disaster. That & the awful fedora hat. Oh, she sounds so bad y'all. I don't think I can get past it. She will surely be the one to go this week.

Results tomorrow night. Until then,

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Amanda Conley said...

I don't know how you can not like the Beatles! But I DO see how you could not like other people singing their songs! I was bored to tears during most of the performances so I did another sudoku puzzle. I only paused to watch David Cook. He rocked.

Michael and Jana said...

We love Joel McHale! We never miss The Soup. Laugh out loud good.

As for the little boy that sings ballads. Yawn! I am totally with you on that one. Simon can tell me every week that he is great, but I am not jumping on that wagon.