Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Over, Overmyer.

Well, Amanda Overmyer got kicked off tonight. This really bummed us out, to be quite honest. I can't believe Kristy made it through. "Kristy Lee Cook=Sanjaya with Boobs." (**Earlier I had a worse comment than that which was not very blog-worthy)...That is a quote from Ben. I almost fell off the couch when he said that. Seriously...will she ever leave? Each week she's in the bottom 3, and sticks around for one more week so we can all hate her next performance. It's Sanjaya all over again, except we don't have the excitement of what her hair will look like each week. At least with Sanjaya there was the hope of a mohawk or perhaps even a perm. I wasn't a huge fan of Amanda, but I think she was/is way better than Cage Fighter Kristy. And I will not even speak of the decision America made regarding Carly Smithson. I could not believe she was in the bottom 3. America, what happened? I'm so disappointed in you. You better pick up the pace & get in the game next week. Turn up your Whisper 2000s & adjust the volume on your TV set. It's time to get serious about your voting.
I'm out.

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Daeon White said...

If Carly gets booted before Can't- sing-Kristi I may just have a hissy fit. Really, that kind of close call better never happen again. (Ps-your kids are too stinking cute for words)

Anonymous said...

seriously? dirt? you must view david like you viewed clay aiken from earlier in the idol mania...i think the teeny-boppers love mr. archuletta but i agree with your only-sings-ballads-point.

love the blog.