Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Lincoln!

Yesterday was Lincoln's 3rd birthday & we had a party at Jump!Zone Party Center in the afternoon. He had about 6 or 7 of his friends there, & it was a couple hours filled with jumping, laughter, celebration, friends, & lots of cake. Lincoln had a ball, & was so excited to sing "Happy Birthday", blow out "the fire" candle, & open his presents. Here are a lot (and I do mean a lot) of pictures from our day yesterday. Enjoy our boy's smile.

Since it was so beautiful outside, we played with Lincoln out in our frontyard & cul-de-sac with sidewalk chalk & bubbles in the morning:

Arriving at Jump!Zone in our private party room. Lincoln loved that the balloons were for him & that he got to wear a birthday hat. Have I mentioned how much he ADORES birthday parties?

Lincoln & sweet Gabby, his best bud from school:

Here he is with his friend Maren, waiting for his cake:

The Lightning McQueen cake! He loved it & thought the ENTIRE cake was his own piece. We had to keep telling him that he had his own individual piece of cake, but it did no good:

Struggling to keep the birthday hat on while he eats. You can't eat cake without the hat!

Whenever Lincoln tastes something that he likes, he immediately closes his eyes & says, "Oh, yummy!" Clearly, this is a "yummy" moment:

Here's darling Sydney enjoying cake & ice cream...she had her very first juice box experience at the party! She loved it!

Here are Lincoln's friends from school--Taylor, Gabby & Logan:

Sydney & her dad, Andy:

Opening presents. This is the moment when I quickly remembered that this time is the most important time of a birthday party to the kids. They were mesmerized:

Lincoln & Taylor hugging good-bye:

And to cap off the afternoon, here's Lincoln waving a flag in our garage, smiling & laughing. I promise, we do put pants on our son...he just happened to be changing clothes & ran out of the back door...neither one of us could catch him in time. Before we knew it, he was in the driveway waving that flag. He had no idea we were watching him. Wanna know what he was singing to himself? Take a wild guess..."Happy Birthday to Lincoln"...

Happy Birthday baby.

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Amanda Conley said... looks like so much fun! Happy birthday Lincoln!

Michael and Jana said...

I am so sad we missed it. I won't tell Joshua he missed a 'Cars' cake. He would be very sad.

Melissa P. said...

what a fun party!! thanks for including us! sydney has been talking about 'jumping' and her 'juice cup' all day...

Mary said...

I used to take the kids I worked with to that place....lots of fun...and, seriously, is there anything better than birthday cake??? glad you guys had fun celebrating!