Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment Night

Tonight I am super exhausted & going on very little sleep. It was rainy & cold today, so Lincoln was cooped up all day long. Oh, we were about to go crazy here at the house. So tonight's summary will be quick & painless...or painful, depending on the performances. Let's get set:

1) Luke Menard: He says his most embarrassing moment was when his older sister dressed him up as a ballerina. He can officially change that most embarrassing moment to tonight's performance. That was abyssmal. He will be one of the two to go. We can only hope.
2) David Archuletta: He sings a Phil Collins song, a song that I absolutely love. My 5th grade choir class did that song at our first concert. It's totally a 'moment in time' song for me. And he plays the piano too...which doesn't sound too bad. He actually does pretty well. Thank God his mommy didn't jump up on stage & finish the song for him. Paula says, "In your imperfections, you're still perfect." Once again, she wows us all with her insight.
3) Danny: Tainted love. I hated every piece of his performance, but loved the fact that he talks in text messaging. TMTH.
4) David Hernandez: After today's breaking news of him being a nude dancer for 3 years, I can't really watch him without kinda feeling sick. I thought he sounded good, but it's just too weird now. We've crossed a line & it's impossible to go back.
5) Michael Johns: Loved it.
6) David Cook: I am fairly certain I called this guy "Jason" last week...hmmm, obviously not so memorable. But this week I loved his performance! What an amazing arrangement. Kudos to Mr. Cook.
7) Jason-Dreds: I really didn't like his performance at all. But the judges loved it...I can't listen to that song without hearing Jeff Buckley's version...and he had no business attempting it.
8) Chikezie: Is this a joke?

The 2 to say bye-bye:

Talk to ya.

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Mary said...

we thought last night was pretty good and i think the memory of jeff buckley and leonard cohen will haunt me all day via luke's sad attempts to sing....not one of his many talents....the camera I use is just a cannon powershot. the trick is to open it in windows photo edit (or whatever it's called) and change the brightness/contrast...it makes the pictures look way better than they really are. i guess i'm airbrushing my food, so to speak.

Michael and Jana said...

I sang that song in 5th grade, too. CRAZY! It was Mother's Day thing. I don't know why, I guess my teacher just liked the song and fit it in somehow. Anyway, I guess we'll have to compare 5th grade photos sometime. Scary!

Amanda Conley said...

I totally agree with you about who should go home! I'm having community group at my house for a dinner party tonight so I'll miss the girls. I'm counting on YOU to fill me in!