Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank you GiGi!

For Easter, Ben's grandmother, whom Lincoln refers to as "GiGi", sent Lincoln a special Easter card & a $10 bill. Lincoln loves receiving any type of mail, especially that which involves money! He refers to any sort of bill as "twenty dollars" & gets so excited because he can run upstairs & put that bill into his cash register. So yesterday we went to Train Up A Child, a very cool play place that has several Thomas train tables that Lincoln can play with at will until his little heart is content. Besides the train tables, there are wall-to-wall Thomas trains for sale. After much deliberation & vacillation, Lincoln decided upon Toby for his new train. He would use his new, crisp $10 dollar bill to buy Toby. It was one of his best days.
Here he is showing Toby off. Thank you GiGi!

In other news, Levi has started to smile! Here are a couple photos that we captured of the sweet occasion. And who, of course, is he smiling at? His big brother.

Best Buds:


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