Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Who will it be?

Let's see...where do I start. First off, let me just say that my sweet boy is in transit on his way home with Ben from St. Louis. Can't wait to see that little guy. We missed him while we were in Hawaii. More on Hawaii later, Idol first. I know that you all have been waiting with bated breath...

1. Phil Stacy. I actually liked his song this week...and what's even better is that I barely noticed his shining-in-the-hot-spotlight-forehead. His voice sounded good.
2. Jordin Sparks. I dare say that you will be going home tonight. That performance last night was one that I wish to forget very soon. What was up with her dance moves & crazy hair? It was like a Halloween dress-up night gone horribly wrong. And poor thing didn't even try to argue her way out of it...she threw up her hands like "yep, it sucked, I agree". Hey Jordin, on your way out, throw out that crimper you used.
3. Lakisha. Girl's back in the game. She wasn't messing around last night when she sang that BonJovi song that I had never heard of. I hope she doesn't go home, but I do sincerely hope she considers having a breast reduction. I guess Simon really enjoyed it too, based on the kiss he gave her. Or the kiss that she gave, or the kiss that Ryan made her give to anyone else lost?
4. Blake Lewis. He certainly made me snore last week, but no snoring was had last night. I was wide awake while he beat-boxed through what I thought would be torture for us all. He looked good too, which never hurt anyone.
5. Melinda Doolittle. I thought Melinda did well, even if she did sing a song which I think could possibly be the worst song ever in the history of songs. It reminds me of an after-school special for teens with an attitude. But of course, she always manages to glide through it with ease. I think she's a keeper.
6. Chris Richardson. Chris, you are certainly wanted dead or alive. We had a talk last week about him signaling me onstage, but apparently, he's still up to his crazy ole tricks. Should we go on a break? We might not have to because as much as I love watching you & your smooth moves, you may be on the way out. It was good, but not "Melinda/Lakisha-Good", know what I'm sayin.

My vote of who will get kicked off are as follows:
-Chris or Phil (I'm hoping for Phil, as I would never want to disrespect my main squeeze)

Will post more later. See ya.


Melissa said...

so...whatcha thinking this morning about last night's results??