Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get Packin', Boobies

Poor Lakisha's going home, y'all. Blake, Jordin & Melinda are all staying put for now. Although I haven't liked one song that Lakisha has done in a very long time, her farewell song of "Stayin Alive" was super sassy & well, pretty good. Go fig.
Other than the final decision, I nearly slept through that whole hour. It was so booooooring. Barry Gibb was horrendous and we are fairly certain that we saw his nipples through his see-through shirt. And when I say we, I mean me & Ben (yes, Ben joined the AI fun last night).
Oh, and Blake, I'm pretty sure tuxedo shirts went out by 1983.
Umm, has anyone decided to send in an audition tape for the American Idol Band competition? FOX, what have you done now?!?

Catcha on the flip side.