Tuesday, May 15, 2007

and then there were three...

First things first. Does anyone else think Paula is starting to look like a clown? I think either her make-up artist is going blind, or Paula has started doing her own make-up when she gets drunk before the show.

Jordin: She sounded good, although I liked the second song much better than the first. Hard for the Money was "Mmm...Bop-Good". I like Jordin sometimes, not always. I think she's a little, ok, I mean way, too dramatic. That third song was just right for my senior high school musical.

Blake: Wowsa. Y'all know I'm not a huge Blake fan, but slap me silly--tonight he kicked it up. And I think he may be bringing sweater vests back because I hate sweater vests & I thought he was sex-ay. Oh Simon, for crying out loud, just say it was fantastic already. The Maroon 5 song sounded yummy too.

Melinda: I believe that she will win. Good song, Randy Johnson. When she sings, her voice sounds like a chord. And because she's a fellow Belmontian, she's the highest on my list. And my list goes. You go girl. And Hit Me Again Ike!--her Tina Turner song was so good. "That was Hot." Randy, get some new material.

Until next time, friends.