Thursday, May 24, 2007

boo. hiss. growl.

Well friends, the season of American Idol has finally come to a close, thank God. I've been robbed. I still harbor serious resentment about Melinda being kicked off. I think it's a consensus by all that we are all furious at our DVR/Tivo machines today. It cut off the entire drum-rolling, tears-flowing, sobs-shaking, voice-trembling, awful "This is my Now" moment by Miss Seventeen. YouTube to the Rescue! Whew.

So many things to talk about. Let's get down to it. First thing on my list is Randy's jacket. What the?!? I have nothing to say about that except "it was kinda pitchy for me, dawg..." And when I say pitchy, I mean so ugly that it never should have existed. And oh dear Paula, what will we do with you? A broken nose caused by a crazy fall with your Chihuaha "Tulip", WAY-TOO long extensions, and not to mention the swaying & walrus-clapping. This summer just simply won't be the same without you in my living room every week. And I'm fairly certain that I caught Simon sleeping once or twice throughout the show. Poor Brit was so bored.

I don't have much else to say about Idol, simply because I got sucked into Lost last night. Way to go Hurley! I was sad to see Charlie die, but ratings come first. I was a little slow in realizing that we were not experiencing a flash-back, but a flash-forward. Ben caught onto that point way faster than I did. I was still reeling from Jack having a full-grown beard & being drunk all the time...I'm not sure what to think about the finale except good, good, and more good. Does this mean next year will be nothing but episodes filled with flash-forwards, while everyone returns to their normal life? Or does it mean that they're never getting off that god-forsaken island? We shall see in 7 months.

More coming soon.