Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Please give me back all the hours I've wasted...

Oh, here we go again. I'm going to admit right now that I watched none of the Idol Gives Back part. God Bless Tivo. I've been robbed of the hours I've sat watching & wasting. Also, this just in: Simon, button up.

1. Chris Richardson. You can change my world any day. He was singing right to me...secretly sending me signals onstage.
2. Melinda Doolittle. Tonight was the best night she has ever looked...maybe it has something to do with the fact that she doesn't look nearly as shocked when given a compliment. Go Simon. I also think it has a lot to do with her straight hair. Good choice. I think I want her to win. Of course, she sounded unbelievable as always.
3. Blake Lewis. Imagine you don't win Idol. Imagine that. Sleeping & watching, sleeping & watching...wait, what? Am I still awake?...
4. Lakisha. Girlfriend. This is the second time you've committed this crime. Singing another Idol's song is a big no-no. Know that, learn that, use that. Boobs everywhere. She kinda sounded good. And when I say good I mean not good.
5. Phil Stacey. Phil stepped out of his UFO just long enough to give us a Garth song. I just can't get past the bald's like watching a trainwreck. I don't want to look at it, but I simply have to.
6. Jordin Sparks. Fact. She just might win this thing. Gorgeous dress, she looked so beautiful. But I don't agree with Randy & his comment of that performance being the "best vocal performance ever in the history of this show." Huh? Maybe Randy's had one too many mai-tais. That's just crazy talk.

I'm gonna go ahead & say Bye-Bye Blakey or Bye-Bye-Boobies.


Anonymous said...

I actually like Blake. I might have even voted for him. Did I just confess that?! The rest I agree with, especially the boobies. YIKES!

Clay Cassidy said...

I actually like Blake too. BUT! I know Jordin Sparks personally. We hung out 3 summers in a row. I met her dad, I spent time with her little brother, and she was in my sister cabin once or twice. She is a real sweet heart. I even keep in touch with her via myspace. How bout dem apples?