Saturday, April 21, 2007

gone, baby gone...

That is what has happened today. We dropped Lincoln off with Ben's parents so we could have 10 days off from parenting, along with a 4-day trip to Hawaii for Ben's last show with AA...that's not alcoholics anonymous.

I'm now sitting here wondering what people do without I have clearly forgotten. I have no idea what to do. Since we have been home, I have successfully utilized these 4 hours by reading five magazines back to back, watching all the cooking shows stored on the DVR, & talking on the phone to girlfriends for more than 3 minutes at a time. My feet are used to pitter-pattering down the hallway as to not wake up the little monkey...the TV is always set to a reasonable volume, & there is a sign on the front door which says "Please Knock." I feel like stomping down the hall screaming, putting the music on maximum volume, & advising postmen to ring the doorbell as they please. Yippy Skippy.

What will I do with myself, you ask? Somewhere downtown, a coffee shop has a very plush, comfortable chair which has my name on it. I will then sit & read while enjoying a cup o'joe. If anyone happens to see me at said coffee shop, feel free to grab a stool & come chat with me...I've got all the time in the world.


Amy Owsley said...

ok, we are now regular Camp Cissell campers! Your blog is so fun and since we don't get to see you guys very often, it's great to hear all the latest on Lincoln and the new homestead. Enjoy your extended adult swim and have a blast in Hawaii!

tha owsleys

Anonymous said...

Michael decided that if he had your blog, he would name it Lincoln's Log. I am still a fan of Camp Cissell, but it gave us a good chuckle last night. I hope your trip is also a vacation for you both.