Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We've Done Did It.

Well, we've gone & become bloggers. BFF Courtney Goolsby (Cg Designs, Fine Stationery & Gifts) has inspired me to join the fun-loving world of information super-highway explorers. I think this internet thing is gonna stick.

For those of you who don't know us, Ben & I have a son named Lincoln. He's 2 years old & he's a freakin' hoot. Today he looked at me & said, "Ok, dude!" Don't ask me, folks.

Also, here's another something about us. We're building a house & here are some recent pictures of it going up. Hopefully it will be done by 2009. Just jokes, should be done by July.

Until next time, friends.


Rhondi, Ben & Lincoln said...

I like our new blog. I can't believe we are so high tech. Rhondi is the one that is high tech, I am super low tech. Computers still kind of freak me out, but I will try at this blog thing. RHONDI IS AWESOME AND I LOVE HER. GO TITANS.

heather said...

Cool! I'll let the boys know to bookmark the new blog site, and they can keep track of our cool dude cousin, Lincoln! I'm excited to see more pics!
Peace--Um...Go Wizards!?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we are linked to your blog! Way to go, a whole new way to scrapbook : )

You are loved,

Jerry and Kathy said...

I like your blog, too. I'm going to visit again, I think. I'm a low-techie, like Ben. Anna thinks her mom is way to old when I say "I hate technology." Weren't times more peaceful before email and door bells? The last time I charged my cell phone was, um....., well anyway I have charged it before.

Your new home seems awesome. Love what you've done with the place so far. Go Hollis Tigers.

Jerry and Kathy said...

I know, I know. I spelled to when it should have been too.

sherry said...

Hey Dudette and Dudes...This is great! We will be able to see the progress on the house and Lincoln too. Yeah. It looks like they are working fast on the basement. Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday and play with Lincoln. What is wrong with you guys? Go CARDS!! I am going to teach Lincoln that this week!

Clay said...

I'll be sure to check up on ya'll through here. Have fun in Hawaii. Tell Ben to rock it out. Last but not least, while Lincoln is a little. Turn that music up, watch that Shaolin Soccer. Until next time.