Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I'm bringing back to cool

So I've been thinking about the slang that we kids use today. I'm using the term 'kids' loosely here, as I still think of myself as in the age neighborhood of 20-22. I'm not too crazy about the slang, gotta be honest. So I've decided to bring back some of the phrases I used to say in the 90's....or maybe even the 80's for that matter. I joined forces with my friend Todd (he is not a blogger, so this link will take you straight to his website...BTW, if you need any legal consultation, he's your man) & we have come up with a list of rad phrases that we don't hear so much anymore. We are bringing these words back to cool, my friends. No longer be embarrassed to shout out, "Talk to the hand!" because in my book, 'it's all good.'

Here they are:
1. Not!
2. Psych
3. LYLAS (love you like a sis)
4. Don't have a cow.
5. Sweet
6. Rad
7. Take a chill-pill!
8. That's whack!
9. She's all that and a bag of chips
10. Don't EVEN!
11. Kickin' it
12. Nix
13. Broad (that one is Todd's, but let's be honest. That's before our time.)
14. Nice bun
15. Top shelf
16. Jonesin'
17. Bitchin'

And the best one of the group in my opinion (kudos to T):
18. Just save it!

These eighteen phrases are just the tip of the iceberg. We could add on for days. So go ahead, make your own lists of phrases & sayings you want to bring back to cool.
Or comment on this post & tell me about them. This game is totally boss.


Jana said...

All I have to say is I would have to be a lot cooler than I am to get a phrase back to cool.

Mary said...

as if!

Courtney and Jason G. said...

I have been racking my brain for words, but every time i read your list, i laugh at these and my mind goes blank. The only thing I can think of is that my Grandmother says "Hello Central" when something gets crazy.... and if it's REALLY crazy, she'll shorten it to "Hellllllo"

The boss comment is so funny.
I like Jonesin too.

Yes! I cant wait to bring these back!

Lindsay Schneck said...

wait...these went out of style?? as if!


Jaime said...

lylas has made the loop and is back again rhondi!!!

Amanda Conley said...

We asked Kaleb what the coolest slang words were the other day. He said "sweet," and if something's not cool it's "petty."