Tuesday, June 17, 2008

do the puppetmaster

If someone had asked me what I thought of Elijah Wood 2 weeks ago, I would've said, "He's that short shrub that plays in Lord of the Rings...Snore.." But if you ask me what I think of ole' Eli today, I'll say, "Totally smokin' dude that dances on Yo Gabba Gabba!" Our family eats, breathes, & sleeps Yo Gabba Gabba these days. Everyone that I have spoken to thinks it's the most ridiculous show there is. All I have to say to those people is this: bite me. Any show that can make Lincoln want to brush his teeth, clean up his toys, & eat healthy is a show that will be stored on our DVR. So Ben & I were surprised when we turned on the episode & saw Elijah Wood get up there & dance his Puppetmaster. It totally makes me like him more now. Lincoln loves it, & we all do the dance at least once a day in our family room. The quality of this video is pretty crummy, but you'll get the gist.
Go crazy,


Amanda Conley said...

Ha ha, I saw that one!