Friday, June 13, 2008

bound for the cape

Well, we are officially throw-up-free around this part of Williamson County. Apparently, Lincoln got just a 24-hour stomach bug & by noon the following day, he was back to his old self. I, on the other hand, was exhausted from staying up with him all night long cleaning up & doing load after load of laundry. It was totally worth it though. In the midst of his maddening nausea & in the middle of the long night, we were both sitting on the bathroom floor. He had his Thomas couch laid out with his pillow & night-nights, lying down so he could be right near the toilet if he got sick. I was sitting right there next to him, telling him I would fix the sick in his belly & that he would feel better the next day...all the while, patting his hot forehead with a wet cold washcloth, just like my mom used to do when I became ill. He looked at me & said, "Thank you, Momma...for cleaning my throw-up & washing my head." What a sweet champ. Into my heart he leaps.

Tomorrow, we are bound for Cape Girardeau, Missouri to celebrate Gigi's 80th Birthday Party! Gigi is Ben's grandmother & Levi's namesake. Her family name is McLain & that is Levi's middle name. Gigi & Levi got to meet for the first time last week & it was a momentous moment. Here they are upon greeting...I know, can you believe this woman is 80? She sure doesn't look it, does she?! Incredible!

Tomorrow will be a day filled with lots of memories, family & laughter. And only a 4-hour drive...not too bad.
Here are some more photos of the fam from last week's visit:

Flavor-Ices in the summer. Can you get any better than that?

Aunt Tara (Ben's sis) with Levi:

"Popsicle Picnic" (Ben coined this term)...Ben, Linc, & Cousin Wyatt in our backyard having a picnic with Flavor-ices:

I hope everyone's summer is going well. I'm already tired of the heat. Have I told y'all my distaste for summer? I would be the happiest girl in the world if the entire year was October. Best month ever.

Anyhoo, I'm sure I'll have lots of good pics after tomorrow's jaunt. And oh yes, let's not forget that we're going to Ben's ALL-TIME-FAVORITE-RESTAURANT tomorrow. It's called Wibb's (and I'm not speaking of the national BBQ chain here). And when I say 'restaurant', I'm really telling a lie. It's more like a shack in the middle of nowhere that maybe holds 20 people total with a big lady in the back cooking up pork. A restaurant it is not, but a gem it sure is. It's the ultimate barbecue joint & Ben loves it. He's so excited to go...he's like a kid on Christmas Eve. Seriously.

Have a great weekend.
Take a run through the sprinklers,
until next time.