Thursday, June 19, 2008

let the battle begin

The jealousy set in hard this afternoon. To give some back story: We went to The Little Cottage Co. at The Factory today to get Levi his own night-night. I was not informed that today was its 40% OFF Day. The entire shop was filled with frantic moms of little girls, running around with piles & piles of smocked dresses, gathering all their arms could carry. Considering that each smocked dress costs around $100, I'd be acting like a crazy person too. But I was thanking Jesus Almighty in that moment that I have two boys & don't have to worry about dresses, bows & Mary Janes. Seriously...there I was, standing in line for a $10 stuffed animal, & the woman in front of me had 3 huge piles of clothes that rang up to $412. I almost had heart failure right then & there.

I had prepared Lincoln for this moment...when Levi got his very own night-night & it would belong to Levi alone. We ended up choosing a yellow duck because it looked nothing like Lincoln's. I unwrapped it & set it next to Levi & he immediately smiled & grabbed onto it. If any of you have felt these things, they are so incredibly soft & warm. He loved it & has been hanging onto it since the purchase. Lincoln has been eyeing it like a crook. We were all on the floor playing this afternoon, & Lincoln walked over with his dog night-night, wanting to 'trade'. I explained to him as best I could that Levi has his own duck night-night & that Lincoln has his own, too. Nothing was going to be traded & each boy was to be happy with what they have. He asked if he could pat the duck. He rubbed the tag & started sucking his thumb...a sure sign that he intends to have that duck be his. He looked longingly at the duck & said, "Lincoln hold it on the couch? Lincoln cuddle it & pat the duck on the couch?" I said no. I could see the jealousy start to set in, but he was okay with the decision. I mean, come on. He has 4 already. I think tomorrow will have the night-night struggle, but for now, he is content to allow Levi to have the duck. Whew.

Here are some photos of the situation:

There's Mitch, our nephew, who is in town for the week:

Here he is, trying to initiate the trade:

And here's me and Levi. How cute is he?

In other news, Lindsay & Liam came over the other day to play with us. It was, as always, so much fun. It's going to get even better the older the boys get. They are one day apart & are so cute to watch. Here are some of them 'playing' together.

"Liam, let me explain to you how things work around here..."

"Momma, we really don't have time for this right now. Liam & I are in a very important meeting. I guess I can pose for one picture..."

"Well...that's about all the time I have. I've got other things to do. I've got to throw up on Mom, have diarrhea & then wake up at 5am. Time's a wastin."

Heh heh. Babies are so fun.


Mary said...

hey rhondi....thought you might want to know (and this is a totally weird and almost inappropriate way to tell you) that luke's dad died suddenly last week. i just got online and i have your blog marked and it reminded me you met him once or a few times. your prayers are greatly appreciated. mary