Thursday, May 21, 2009

What the?!

I apologize for my not posting about the Final Results show until now. Maybe I needed this day to really regroup & ask for maybe the one millionth time, "What in the hellfire has happened with America?" My mom has been here for the past 2 days, so we were super excited to watch the finale last night. We both were fairly certain that Adam was going to take the crown. And after seeing Adam perform with KISS & Queen, our expectations were increased still that he would be voted as the next Idol. Granted, neither one of us really loved Adam & his style, but we definitely thought he was the more talented of the contestants by far. Far, far, far...

So when Kris's name was called as the winner, my mom's mouth fell open. My eyes grew as big as Paula's boobies, & we both started muttering things. Then my mom said, "Well, I think that's it. I don't think I can watch American Idol anymore." She shut it down! You're denied, American Idol! Your plan has been foiled! Jan Koerner has officially kicked you off her DVR que. Her whole belief system has been rocked to its very core. Not to mention, she thinks that Simon will quit the show after the results of this season, & let's face it: If Simon ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Kris was possibly the most shocked out of everyone when his name was called by White-Teeth. Stammering something along the lines of, " you? I mean, Adam should be here right now..." Way to man up Kris, & be a winner. What's the first thing on the list for Kris as American Idol? Let's get you into Media Training pronto. Do not tarry, do not stop to go pee, do not stop to blow your nose, just go as fast as your side-jaw can carry you.

Let's talk about Bikini Girl! So many things to say about that, right? First off--a great body, I will give her that. And heck, I'll even go so far as to say she had an average voice. But the attitude, whew! She thought she was waaaay better than she was. And Kara! I like her better now because a) she sang her face off in front of that crazy girl; and b) how does she get that kind of body? It was amazing! I wonder if she does Zumba. That took a lot of nerve for her to open up her dress like that. Yay for her.

Norman Gentle? Puh-leeze. Over it. I was done with that lunatic before it started.

The Idol Golden Globe Awards Show? Brain cells...being sucked...right out...of my head...

Well friends, the season is now at a close & my AI blogging days are over for now. Maybe I'll start it up again next season. Hopefully that will happen. To those of you who read & keep up with this blog, thanks! Until next season, you can check back here for more of my amazing opinions on pop culture & pictures of our family.

It's been real. It's been fun. It's been real fun.

I will not buy a Kris Allen album.

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Daeon White said...

Can I just say my mom and I were on the couch watching too, and had pretty much the same reaction... unbelievable.

Christina said...

Sad that it had to end again. Your AI blogging I mean. I will miss it dearly.

I don't think I was as shocked that Adam didn't win. Everyone I knew here, were big Kris fans. I would not have bought Adam's CD. Kris, maybe. America has gotten a lot of things wrong lately via voting, ya know? Sign of the times...