Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Head on Home, Allie. Go back to your original color.

The group opens up the show with a performance of "School's Out for Summer" & sounded horrible. Everyone sounded terrible. Especially Kris. Ugh, make this week be over, stat.

And the main reason I tuned in tonight was for Paula's performance. Who wants to bet that she's actually singing? She looks really skinny in that outfit, but she's a couple decades too old for that ensemble. I couldn't really focus when she got up on all fours on the high stage. Boobies + Tight-Bustier = Embarrassing. The ending was just all too much for me...her striking a pose while all her dancers started yelling her name, trying to touch her, & asked her if she was coming back next season. Gimme. A. Big. Fat. Break. Not good, P. It's a good thing I'm here to tell you things you just don't know.
PS-What's going on with Paula's cleavage? Something's happening in there & I can't quite figure it out. It closely resembles that of Tori Spelling...

No Doubt performs. I think I may hate Gwen Stefani's voice. Ben has had a crush on her since their first single came out. But I gotta give her props for singing live though. But what's with the push-ups? Did we just change channels & land on a Weight Training class?

The first person to be safe is Kris. Seriously?! I would've bet cold hard cash that he would be the one to go. I don't know why you all read this blog...I've gotten nothing right this season. My sincerest & fake apologies to all parties involved.

Adam gets through to safety. No surprise there.

And YAY! Danny's safe. I was sweatin' it throughout that last light-dim.
Which means Allison is headed home. I think the decision was a good one. Although this means that we have to listen to Kris for another week. Bleh.

Same time, same place next week.
Don't miss it.

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Christina said...

LOL!!! Oh my gosh Rhondi, I am cracking up so hard at your rendition of last night!!!!! Haaaaaaa!!!!! Love it!!! All my friends and fam will be reading this entry!!! Hilarious - and dead on!!!!!!!!!!!!!