Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final Performance Show

Whoa, Holy Chest Hair Adam! What's going on in there? Bleh. And the necklace is so totally OTT.

Ryan tells us that we'll be hearing a song written by Miss Kara. Waiting with bated breath.

Adam goes first & decides to walk out in a trench coat. Cue dry ice. Does Adam have lipstick on? Seriously, I think he does. Nothing surprises me with him at this point. Honestly, I was bored during his performance. zzzzzzzzzzzz....huh?
I've never understood why the contestants do a song they've already done during the year. Anyone got a clue?
Ummm, why is Anthony Hopkins in the audience? Good Lord.

Kris sings "Ain't No Sunshine" again. There's one thing I noticed last week with Kris, but didn't blog about it. So here's my chance. When he sings high notes, his jaw goes to one side ridiculously far. It kinda bugs. But he did awesome on that song, nevertheless. When Kara judges Kris, I feel like she's yelling at me. Am I being reprimanded for not loving every single Kris Allen performance? Paula says he awakens the spirit in all of us. Paula's spirit is awakened by painkillers.

Adam sings again in a suit & tie. It's smooth sailin' with Adam these days. I can sit back & just listen to him go. There's never the chance of him not making a note or forgetting a lyric. This makes me like him. I've just had to embrace the tongue (ew) & get over it b/c dude can sing. Period. Paula stands up & makes a lasso motion. She then says he will be "iconic." Good thing this is the end of the season because she's clearly at the end of her rope.

Kris sings a song on guitar in the round. Sounds pretty good. Randy thought it was light for the room & stage. Paula loved it, but Simon thought he did not make it his own version.

I think something horrible happened backstage to Adam. Upon entering side stage, a paint can tipped over & spilled all over his pants. Poor thing. Is this song written by Kara? Mountains, hurricanes, dreams, boundaries, climbing, a bunch of positive-thinking-phrases. Yikesies. Randy actually said it was a little pitchy...whoa! Say it ain't so.

Kris does his last song. The side-jaw is in FULL effect! He sounds awful, so very pitchy. Hard to believe that he's in the final 2 from that performance. None of the judges really liked it, they all thought it was too high of a key. Agreed.

I think Adam will wear the crown tomorrow night. We shall see in a mere 12 hours.
I'm sorry this post is so scattered...I'm dealing with the boys, breakfast, getting ready, & listening to Handy Manny. Gotta love it.

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