Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flu Night

Seems like a few girls have the flu. I think they might ALL have the flu because there were very few ladies who were great tonight. Let's get to it.

First Girl: I forgot her name, & I have now forgotten her performance because it was so boring. Ordinary, shmordinary. How did she make it, exactly? None of the judges liked it, either. Do we blame it on the flu? I think not. This is Idol! Suck it up! There's no flu in Idol!
Plus-Size-Model-Joanne: I like this girl. I think she's so sweet-natured & beautiful. I hated the song, but I think she'll pull through next week. If she's here next week.
Alaina Whitaker: Youngest contestant on the show. She'd like some "like great shoes, like look at these ones..." for her birthday. Oh, no she didn't. The immaturity oozes out of her & I don't know how long I can take it. She does "I Love You More Than Yesterday" & puts more tricks in it than a magic show. All she's doing is belting out every note. Hon, tone it down please. Dawg thinks it's "goin on man!" I find it so interesting that Simon hated her during the first audition. Then how the tables turned when she came out during Hollywood Week with hot pants on. She's fabulous!! She's got legs & she knows how to use 'em.
Amanda-Janis: She does "Baby Please Don't Go" & rocks the house. Is it me or is she just the coolest cucumber around? Dawg says he could rock her trousers she's wearing. Please don't even try to rock those trousers, Randy. That will never be a good idea. Simon really likes her & thinks she's authentic. He asks if she meant to scat during the middle of the song. She quips back, "Come on, haven't you ever heard the song before?!" She just raced to the top of my list like lightning. I hope she's a keeper.
Flat-Girl: I'm calling her this because I am fairly certain that every single note she sang was flat. NOTE TO SELF: Bring earmuffs to the couch when I turn on AI next time. I literally had my face in my hands during her song. Boo. Dawg says there were a lot of pitch problems. Understatement of the Night. Paula said something like she always does...something about her spirit, the camera loving her, her glow, whatever, blah blah blah.
Carly-Simon: She looks really good tonight. Her hair might just be perfect. I wonder if that's naturally curly or what...sorry, I digress. I'm not really into her performance. I think she may have the flu. Dawg said she "got her slaying on..." Oh good grief, what era are you in? We're not stuck in the 80's, Randy. Jump into the millenium.
Brit-Brit: Groovy Kind of Love. Not so groovy. Simon says the lights were off. I think I'm in love with that British charm.
Asia: I love her dimples & I get sad when I think about her dad dying right before her audition. I don't think I've ever seen earrings that big...whew. It was Simon's favorite of the night! The crowd goes wild.
17-year-old-with-suspenders: I hated her performance, but apparently, I should've loved it. I thought she looked cute, but she kept changing her voice during the song & it sounded like death. Let me tell you how I really feel.
Little-Girl-With-Big-Voice: Hated that song, hated it. But she sounded good. Paula mentions "all the accents with her head." Paula, must we talk about this again? Please quit drinking before the shows. Then the little girl mentions that the favorite part of her AI experience has been the hair & make-up. What the?!?
Saisha-Darling: She's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I think I may have said that before, but I needed to say it again. She sings "Tobacco Road" & sounds kinda off tune. Did anyone else get that same vibe? I'm totally willing to overlook that performance because she's so darling! I hope she makes it through. And wow! Simon thought it was terrific.
Carly-Smithson: I've sat through this entire show just to hear my girl. I had never heard that song & I did not care for it. But man, she wailed through it & I really liked it. She has the flu?!? Say it isn't so! She's better than anyone else in this competition. Still sticking to my plan. Please let her win! I'm choosing not to listen to Simon. Curse words to Simon.
If I was a bettin' woman, I would say that these 2 girls are the leavers:
1) The First Girl
2) Flat Girl
Let's meet up again next week.

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Michael and Jana said...

I missed the whole thing so thank you for filling me in. I really do love your rants. They crack me up!

Amanda Conley said...

I agree about who might be leaving. I was bored the whole show, so I ended up doing a sudoku puzzle that I totally messed up and couldn't figure out, which I'm blaming on all the bad AI performances!

Mary said...

hi Rhondi! Thanks for the lovely baby note...your kids are adorable. We are huge AI fans too...what else is there to do in freezing cold Iowa?