Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a big improvement from last week

This week is a huge improvement from last week for the guys. I'm going on this from memory, so bear with me. I may not get to everyone & if that happens, that means I don't have the energy & therefore, don't like them enough to write about them.

Chikezie-my-Neezie: He was a completely different person this week, due largely in part that he was sans orange polyester leisure suit. He was much more laid-back with his performance & sounded really great. Ben thinks he's Wayne Brady. True dat.
Danny/Danielle: Here's an important tip, Danny--you are on straightener-overload. Scale it back next week. Your hair looks like it has been literally ironed on an ironing board. I really don't think his voice is anything to write home about, either. But I can't concentrate on his voice because I'm constantly worried about what gross facial expression he will make next. Those have got to stop. He will get through, though, because he's gay & all the kids like him. Ben said, "You'd be surprised at how cool it is now to be gay at your high school." Go fig.
David Archuletta: Ugh. I know he gets rave reviews every time he sings, but I'm convinced people like him because he's only 16. He sounded good tonight, but only John Lennon can do that song true justice. He's just so smiley, I can't take it. But I guess he's the one to beat these days, as Simon so eloquently put it. And Paula crying?! So over the top. Leave it to her to say, "That's one of the best vocal performances I've ever heard. Ever." Seriously...ever, Paula? I don't know what crazy radio you're listening to, but it's not the same one I have.
Jason-Guitar-Rock-Guy: Hhmmm, I'm confused on this one. I agree with Simon, in that he said his video was boring & had no charisma. Jason's a big fat dud. Period. Can you imagine going backstage at one of his concerts? Before tonight, you would probably be thinking, "This is cool, I get to go backstage, party with the band, party into the wee hours of the morning..." Instead, you go backstage & find the lead singer drowning face-first in soduku puzzles, crosswords & word searches. Rock on.
Papa-Was-A-Rolling-Stone: Loved this guy. I especially loved his black hoodie. I need to find me one of those. I thought his voice was unreal tonight. He just sounded solid & confident, & I hope he returns next week. I'm a fan.
Dreds-Guy: I don't know why in the name of everything good he chose that song. Worst song choice ever. He just might have slipped to the bottom half of my list based on that performance alone.
Aussie: I'm still rooting for him, but not because of tonight's performance. He did not do well with his Fleetwood Mac song. It was way too high for him & I found myself straining to listen as he was straining to hit every note. Shoulda done it in an lower key. Coulda woulda shoulda.

That's about all I can remember. Tomorrow night I'm excited for Janis Joplin & Carly Smithson. You know Janis is gonna come strutting out doing Zeppelin. Can't wait!
Shoot for the Stars,

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