Tuesday, February 12, 2008

absolute murder with a bit of torture...

OK guys, we're in Hollywood! Considering that I've never watched American Idol during this "Hollywood Week" frenzy, this is all new to me. Apparently, the contestants are now allowed to use their own instruments. Well, that opens up all kinds of hell for us viewers. I'm going to say this only once: my eyes hurt because they're getting all tangled up in Simon's chest hair. Ewww.

--Carly Simon-Piano-Player: She gets through! Which I guess means she makes it to the last Hollywood Day. She needs to go & do something crazy to celebrate! Maybe go see a movie!...Oh, wait, that's right...she's never seen a rated R movie. Come on.
--Drummer-Boy: Jakie, "I'm Hooked on the Feelin" that you suck. End of story.
--David-Rose-Eagle-Dove-Singer: He was kickin' it. His voice reminds me of the Rascall Flatts lead singer. Dawg loved it from Note One. Paula raised her hands & clapped in her stupor. Hundred Trazillion Percent? This is getting ridiculous.
--Janis: She sings "Come on Baby Light My Fire" & seriously, her voice sounds like a box of Marlboro Reds. She gets through.
--Girl Who Forgets Her Lyrics: There are no words to describe this. Literally.
--Casanova: I had no idea that Antonia Banderas even auditioned. I feel like I'm listening to Puss in Boots in Shrek.
--Josiah-Living-in-Car: What a great song. His ambition is a force to be reckoned with. He's so cute. One tip: Dry 'em up CryBaby.
--Danny: Girl or Boy? Gender Neutral.
--Carly Smithson: I'm stickin' to my original plan. She's gonna win the whole kit & kaboodle.
Is anyone else so tired of Bryan Adams?
--Political Kyle: I'm over this whole thing. This isn't American Music Theater Idol. You could start one though, but you still wouldn't win. It was abysmal. This is when I hate Paula & her comments. They ticked off Simon so much that he up & left. He's the New Sanjaya. Lord help us all.

A CAPELLA (sp?) ROUND: I'm so bored I could just turn off the TV right now.

I'm going to list my top 2, male & female.
Top Female: Carly Smithson
Top Male: the Hot Aussie or Josiah (OK, my top 3)

Talk to ya soon,

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Amanda Conley said...

I was wondering what you would say today. Did you notice that Paula said "No" outright for the first time? It was to the blonde who was begging "Come on Paula....Paula! Please!"
Also, I really can't stand Josiah! Does no one else see through his manipulative exterior? He's one of those kids that his mom never knew what to do with. Did you catch his lie to the camera? At the end of his awful accapella performance he said "I was just trying to do something special...waaa." Actually, he didn't practice with the band! This kid has a lot of growing up to do. He's 18 going on 9.
So, anyway. that's what I thought:)

Courtney and Jason G. said...

i LOVE josiah. But, how can you miss David Archuleta? Seriously. Go to my blog. he makes me cry. weep.