Thursday, February 21, 2008

4 hours of television??

When Ryan started out the show by saying that this week has "been 4 hours of television that has brought us to this point", I almost choked. Have I seriously watched 4 frappin' hours of AI this week? It sounds so bad when you say it out loud. I guess that's what eventually sucks space & time out of you until you're eating & breathing Idol. Has it gotten to this point? Good Grief.

I'm going to state the obvious right now. Make-up is truly amazing in the power it holds to make the utterly ugly look fantastic. Their little montage they did with the private jet, paparazzi, yada yada yada made everyone look like models. And as we all know, there are some contestants in this show that are the opposite of models. Seriously opposite. I.E. Garrett.

I'm taken back in time to my show choir days of college when they do their group number. I like Amanda (AKA Janis Joplin) even better now because every time the camera pans across her face, she looks like she's in hell. She is clearly not in her element up there & she beckons us, the Viewer, to rescue her from the misery that is taking place onstage. Poor thing.

We just get right into it with Garrett. Ryan kinda blindsided him when he pulled out, "Tonight we're going to say goodbye to you." Everyone looked shocked. Danny looked like he had been shot. Which made me laugh out loud. Garrett sings his last song, which confirms to everyone that the right decision was made regarding his future on American Idol. It was awful.

Next is poor Amy Davis to go home. Paula says, "Go paint that door & that knob." Paula is so so wise. So wise, in fact, that I want to reach through my TV set & punch her one. At least one of my predictions was correct. I believe that I called Amy Davis "Flat Girl" last night. Point for me.

I am upset that Paula & Randy are using this show as a platform to showcase their 1985 song. Straight up now tell me, Paula, your choreography needs to be updated pronto. No longer are you a Laker Girl choreographing for Janet Jackson during her "Control" days.

The next girl to go home is the plus-size model, Joanne. I'm not gonna lose sleep over this one. She should go back to modeling.

Chikezie is safe?!? I thought Colton was a lot better than Chikezie. I'm surprised by that. I thought surely Chikezie would be the one to go. Too bad so sad for you Colt. Sing right on outta here.

I'm satisfied, maybe even pleased, with the results tonight.
Stay tuned,

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